GlenwoodTimes #6 - August 2017

Headmaster's Message

The world in which we live today needs role models more than ever before. We live in a society in which many respectable values have been compromised. The leaders of many of our countries and institutions have made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. One just has to look at the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, and our very own leaders for that matter, to realise that something is amiss, that the very fabric of our society is at risk. The structures of many of our families have been fractured, very often beyond repair, and I witness this daily in my office.

The definition of a role model is “a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated and revered”. We find role models in many walks of life – within our own family circles or even in the traits of great personalities who have impressed us for some or other reason, be it in the news, on television, or possibly in everyday relationships. These people can shape our lives, our attitudes and even our moral compass settings. To witness the interviews with personalities such as Wayde van Niekerk, Chad le Clos and Roger Federer, gives one hope for the future of humanity. The interviews following their achievements cannot help but leave you with a lasting impression of humility, respect and a never–say-die attitude. When I recently saw Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal walk off the tennis court, it was difficult to determine who had won or lost. They had both given their all, and their respect for one another was tangible. They walked off the court with their reputations intact.

How much do sports results matter for a school’s reputation?

Merely by judging from the media and from casual banter between school communities, it does make a difference to the way the schools market think and conduct business. There is no doubt that the victories against significant opponents, especially local rivals, have been part of the fabric of school sports for as long as one can remember. They have for too long been seen as a benchmark of quality, erroneously and illogically inferring superiority.

Reputation is important to the success of all organisations – one just has to look at the scandals that some major companies and organisations have found themselves in recently. All the money and successes pale into insignificance when one sees their reputation lying in tatters on the battlefield.

Schools are not different. Having a successful sports programme is determined by more than just the scores. It is dependent on attitude, resilience, behaviour, skill, creativity, sportsmanship and the manner in which staff and parents have conducted themselves.

A good school will endeavour to equip all its players and participants with a desire to be the best they can be, to pursue excellence within their own limitations. It promotes an aspiration to win with humility and lose with grace. We should always want to win, but we have to realise that it won’t always happen.

On deeper reflection, most good schools would conclude that reputation is more important than the scores.

Hopefully Glenwood is one of these good schools!

shakespeare festival and workshops

“Fight cowards!” is a phrase frequently heard during the Romeo and Juliet rehearsals which take place every Thursday from 14:30 – 15:30 in Ms Lewis’ class. These words are spoken by Johnny Levey, a Grade Two learner who plays the role of Tybalt, a Capulet.

Twenty-four feisty Grade Two and Three learners were cast for the play during the second term and are diligently preparing to take part in the annual Shakespeare festival which will be held at the Arts Theatre from 1 – 3 September 2017. The enthusiastic cast forfeited the last week of their June / July holidays to attend 20 hours of workshops and rehearsals. One of these workshops was presented by Tiffany Cornwill, the national festival coordinator. The Festival encourages participants to give their own artistic flair and interpretation to a traditional Shakespearean script. The result is a uniquely created representation of a master’s work. Our group chose to represent the Montague/ Capulet feud as a cat fight and renamed the play Romeow and Catuliet. The colour-coded costumes and cat make-up all add to a promising, lively and colourful production. Tickets for the show are available at the Arts Theatre or at Computicket.

The cast is as follows:

Lord Capulet – Matthew Williams, Lady Capulet – Safiya Amanjee, Juliet – Meia Beukes, Nurse – Rachelle Botha, Maid - Leané Barnard, Tybalt – Johnny Levey, Abraham – Liam Mc Donald, Peter – Rorke Bubanj, Friend of Capulets – Louis van der Walt, Lord Montague – Mia Bezuidenhout, Lady Montague – Stella Adrian, Romeo – Sebastian Hiemstra, Benvolio - Joshua Vermaak, Mercutio – Aiden Barrett, Sampson – Max Hurt, Gregory – Oscar Baehnisch, Narrator 1 – Kyla Hamilton, Narrator 2 – Rose Denn, Paris – Callum Sibbeth, Friar Laurence – Matthew Mackway-Wilson, The Prince of Verona – Jens J v Vuuren, News Teller – Megan Hyde, Witch – Nicole Steyl, Messenger – Gideon Botha


On Tuesday, 8 August, the Grade 7 pupils were treated to an outing to the beautiful Garden Route Game Lodge.

The day consisted of a walk through the skeleton garden and a visit to the reptile centre, followed by a sensational game drive.

At the reptile centre, a number of our pupils put their fears aside and handled a number of the slithery creatures, while others got up close and personal with a young cheetah.

On the game drive, we were lucky enough to encounter a number of South Afirca’s rare beauties including lion, white rhino, elephant, cheetah, giraffe and many more fascinating creatures.

A heartfelt thanks go to the Doherty family for hosting our Grade Sevens and giving them a memory to last a lifetime.

Top left: Lindy, Kristen, Jordan and Christian bravely handling a rather large ball python. Top right: Alicia and Sabrina marvel at these ancient creatures, while Emma and Dirk ‘check ‘ out this specimen’s grand crocodile leather ‘shoes’. Bottom left: Liezé and Sarah getting to know the corn snake a little better. Bottom right: Kent and Rensche acquainting themselves with an ancient resident.
The group is raring to go.
All set to conquer the wild.

Eisteddfod (music)

Claire du Preez-Gratz, Samantha Bellew, Marniek Kruger, Clara Adrian, Ruan Lamprecht, Jasmine Furstenburg, Jolisna Mulder, Reinhardt Botha, Marizanne de Vos, Rensche de Vos
Tarryn Offen, Amber Evans, Anica Botha, Gemma Doherty, Camryn Seabrook, Nina Potgieter, Geneen Young, Kirsten Offen, Lindy Prinsloo, Natalie Lombard, Christen Strydom, Nicole van Helsdingen

Carmen wins colouring competition

Carmen Musiker was having a great time at Spur with family when she saw a colouring competition that could possibly win her a bicycle. She took the colouring-in pencils and immediately set to work. With her beautiful shading and crisp clean colours, she managed to win the competition and is now cycling in style! Well done to Carmen in Grade 5.

"Dans in jou taal"

Lara Durant and Carmi Lewis are making Glenwood House proud with their dancing. They took part in the dance competition "Dans in jou Taal" and were selected as one of six groups (out of twenty) who were chosen as area finalists. Lara and Carmi will be jetting off to Pretoria on 26 and 27 August for the finals and we wish them the best. Clips of our girls during the first rounds were featured on ‘Kyknet’ during 15 - 17 August.

"south cape stars"

Natalie Lombard and Gemma Doherty continue moving people with their singing. Not only did they manage to get an A++ for their duet during the Eisteddfod, they also dared to enter this year's ‘South Cape Stars’ competition. Even though this competition is known for its competitiveness and high numbers of entries, these girls made it through to the finals. Glenwood is very proud of Natalie and Gemma and we wish them the best for their performance.

science boot camp

Left: Johan Wahl in Grade 8 extracting strawberry DNA. Right: Grade 9 students Joshua Scholtz, Emma Pretorius and Michael Strydom mixing strawberry with dishwashing liquid to extract DNA.
Left: Robin Mahne examining blood droplets at a simulated crime scene. Students measured the diameter of the blood droplets to estimate the height of the murderer. Right: Grade 8 student Annique Walker conducting blood splatter analysis using fake blood.
Left: Gabriel Rein, Jordan Ward, Joshua Scholtz, Michael Strydom, Jack Powell and Joshua Saville who conducted an analysis of micro-plastic debris found mixed with sand at Victoria Bay. Conservation scientists from Nature's Valley Trust helped students to separate and classify the money micro-plastics. Middle: Plastic debris from a 2kg sand sample at Victoria Bay, including plastic pebbles, cigarette butts, drinking straws, lollipop sticks, bottle tops and chip packets. It is estimated that if current trends continue there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Right: Students Leigh Paton, Karla Grobbelaar and Jordan Ward displaying their mechanical catapults.

Blood Splatter analysis, marine micro-plastic debris and strawberry DNA were some of the subjects at the first ever Glenwood House Science Boot Camp. The holiday camp gave Grade 8 and 9 students an exciting opportunity to learn about science through interactive and hands-on science activities. The three day educational event took place from July 12th to 14th. The course was designed by high school Natural Science teacher Mrs Clare van Rensburg to enable students to extend their knowledge and skills beyond the scope of the school curriculum. The workshop was specifically intended for students considering taking one or both of the sciences at FET level.

18 students participated in a range of activities across a three day programme. Activities included the construction of an electrical motor, a mechanical catapult and analysis of crime scene evidence, including blood splatters, fingerprints and tread marks. The workshop helped students to develop critical thinking skills, science investigative techniques and built vital motivation for scientific research. The Science Boot Camp brought Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to life in a multi-sensory environment.

On the final day of the camp, students were provided with an opportunity to work with professional conservation scientists from the Nature's Valley Trust. They analysed sand samples from a number of local beaches and separated the micro-plastic debris. The students also analysed a number of cosmetic products for evidence of micro-plastic beads.

"I noticed a specific change in students' thinking patterns over the three day course," said science teacher Clare van Rensburg. "Students in this group began to dig deeply into rich scientific questions about how we can avoid plastic pollution completely and remediate marine ecosystems. I was truly blown away by how well the students responded to the camp."

preparatory sporting ACHIEVEMENTS


Our U13 A netball, rugby and hockey teams travelled to Curro Durbanville for sports matches. The netball, rugby and boys hockey found the going very tough and were defeated by their opponents. The girls’ hockey team turned the tables on Curro, playing determined team hockey to score 4 beautiful goals. Well done, girls, on this excellent performance!


Our young Glenwood House riders participated in the SANESA equestrian event in Stellenbosch and achieved a wealth of outstanding results.

Vida Bacon
Frederick van Rijckevorsel
Thomas van Rijckevorsel

Glenwood House Prep Eden riders in top 20 scoring riders at Regional Finals: 2. Thomas Van Rijckevorsel Kilshane Bluebell (Western Cape Eden) 597, 4. Frederick Van Rijckevorsel Foresyte Bo Peep (Western Cape Eden) 591, 5. Thomas Van Rijckevorsel Lipizza's Bronwydd Bannut Juniper (Western Cape Eden) 585, 8. Vida Bacon Lucky Dip (Western Cape Eden) 580

Top 10 Primary Schools Standings: 1. Glenwood House Prep (Western Cape Eden) 2540, 2. Blanco Laerskool (Western Cape Eden) 1843, 3. Van Riebeeckstrand Primary (Western Cape Cape Metropol / West Coast) 1340, 4. Bridge House School - Primary (Western Cape Cape Winelands) 1312, 5. Impact Home Schooling (Western Cape Eden) 1283, 6. Oakhill School (Primary) (Western Cape Eden) 975, 7. Worcester Primary School (Western Cape Cape Winelands) 865, 8. Durbanville Primary (Western Cape Cape Metropol / West Coast) 773, 9. Panorama Primary School (Western Cape Cape Metropol / West Coast) 752, 10. Holy Cross Primary School (Western Cape Eden) 676

U13 achievements

Our U13 teams had a busy weekend and achieved great results. On Friday, 28 July, we participated in the Park hockey tournament. The results were:

U13 Girls hockey: Holy Cross: 0 - 2, Outeniqua: 0 - 2, Gene Louw: 1 - 1, Kenridge: 3 - 0, Worcester: 0 - 1

U13 Boys hockey: Holy Cross: 0 - 0, Outeniqua: 2 - 0, Gene Louw: 0 - 1, Kenridge: 2 - 0, Worcester: 1 - 0

On Saturday we played rugby and hockey against Kenridge and beat them 19 - 7 and 5 - 0 respectively. Reegan Bakker had a brilliant day on the hockey pitch, scoring a hat- trick.

Our netball girls had the following results:

U12 Netball: Somerset House B: 8 - 2, Somerset House A: 9 - 7

U13 Netball: Somerset House B: 3 - 10, Somerset House A: 12 - 15

Our hockey girls had the following results:

Kenridge: 2 - 0, Somerset House A: 2 - 3, Somerset House B: 2 - 0

The U13 A teams played rugby and netball matches against Kingswood College on Monday and the results were exciting: 17- 5 for the rugby and 17- 6 for the netball to our Glenwood teams. Well done to all our sports teams for these great results and the superb sportsmanship shown in every match.


We had some remarkable achievements on the sport fields in this short but busy term. Congratulations to everybody who represented our Province during the July holiday and did Glenwood House proud. Here are some results since our return after the holidays.

Derby Day (Curro)

On the weekend of the 5th of August Glenwood House played in a inter schools Derby day against Curro Durbanville.

All Hockey, Netball and Rugby teams from the college and the senior teams from the Primary school participated in the clash and Glenwood is proud to announce that we dominated on most of the sports fields. The participation that the Glenwood House students displayed was phenomenal and the level of support and spirit from the side lines is what encouraged and motivated all our players. We can truly say that our blood was blue and we were all shouting for Blue and Gold! (Danae Marais)

Daniel le Roux with the ball in our 5-3 win over Curro.

Derby Day (York)

Early on Saturday morning 12 August 2017 all the Glenwood pupils, whether participating or not, eagerly made their way to York High School. Spirits were high as Glenwood players played hockey, netball and rugby against York and Paul Roos teams. Although we may have not won all the matches, the unity and positivity buzzing among the pupils was something all Glenwoodians were very proud to be a part of. We cheered on our players with full hearts and sang songs together, making players on the sports field push themselves to the limit and feel energized. Without our spirit committee and our stick man, Daniel le Roux, none of this would have been possible. I feel that Glenwood’s spirit this year is something to be commended and the York Derby Day was a splendid day showcasing the love for our school and the blue in our hearts. (Julia Kohler)

Kirsten Barbour with the ball in Glenwood 1st team victory of 17-15 over York.


Emma Pretorius, June de Wit, Jessica Goosen and Gizela Spies represented Eden at the SANESA regionals. Emma also represented the Eastern Cape and came 2nd in the Junior Novice Dressage event. Well done to Jessica Smith with “Sublim”, recovered after an incident earlier this year, and is once again taking part in dressage and jumping events.

Glenwood House College Eden riders in Top 20 High school Rider Points at Regional Finals: 2. Emma Pretorius Chocolate Jeannie (Western Cape Eden) 593, 11. June de Wit Flaming Jet (Western Cape Eden) 567, 18. Gizela Marie Spies Freyja Llwyd (Western Cape Eden) 553

Regional Finals Top 10 scoring High Schools in Western Cape: 1. Bridge House School - High (Western Cape Cape Winelands) 3514, 2. Montana High School (Boland) (Western Cape Cape Winelands) 1788, 3. Hermanus High School (Western Cape Overberg) 1634, 4. Hoërskool Outeniqua (Western Cape Eden) 1434, 5. Curro Hermanus (Western Cape Overberg) 1395, 6. Paarl Girls' High (Western Cape Cape Winelands) 1379, 7. Glenwood House (Western Cape Eden) 1341, 8. Porterville High School (Western Cape Cape Metropol / West Coast) 1248, 9. Fairmont High School (Western Cape Cape Metropol / West Coast) 1211, 10. La Rochelle Girls High School - Paarl (Western Cape Cape Winelands)


Our boys’ team of Alex van Wyk, Bradley de Beer, JP van der Watt and James Murray came second overall in the SA Schools Tournament in Gauteng. This is an exceptional achievement, taking in consideration that all the top schools in South Africa were present.

Our golfers who obtained the silver medal at the SA Schools tournament are James, Bradley, JP and Alex.


Gillian Young continued her prowess as a gymnast by obtaining gold medals in the tumbling, trampoline and artistic disciplines. Inilé du Toit, Carmen Booyens and Gizela Spies also represented Eden Gymnastics at the Western Cape event. Congratulations to Genévieve Young, who qualified as a Level 1 Rhythmic Gymnastics judge.


On the hockey fields we had mixed results, but were always competitive.

Against York the results were as follows: Girls: U14 lost 0 - 3, U16 lost 0 - 2, 2nd Team lost 1 - 6 and the 1st Team drew 1 - 1. Boys: U14 won 2 - 1, U16 drew 1 - 1, 2nd Team lost 1 - 4 and the 1st Team lost 2 - 7.

Against Point High School of Mossel Bay: Girls: U14 drew 0 - 0, U16 lost 0 - 3 and the 1st Team drew 1 - 1. Boys: U14 won 6 - 0, U16 won 3 - 0 and the 1st Team won 4 - 0.

Results against Curro Durbanville: Girls: U14 won 3 - 0, U16 won 2 - 0, 2nd Team lost 0 - 3 and the 1st Team drew 3 - 3. Boys: U14 lost 0 - 4, U16 won 2 - 1, 2nd Team lost 2 - 4 and the 1st Team won 5 - 3.

Against our neighboring school Oudtshoorn High: Girls: U14 won 5 - 1, 2nd Team drew 1 - 1 and 1st Team won 3 - 0. Boys: U16 drew 2 - 2 and the 1st Team lost 2 - 5.

Our 1st Girls won their match against Malvern College from the UK 3-0.

Our boys played Paul Roos from Stellenbosch in our annual Derby with York and obtained the following results:

U14 won 4 - 2 against PRG B, U16 won 2 - 1 against PRG B, 2nd Boys lost 1 - 10 against PRG D, 1st Boys drew 1 - 1 against PRG 2nd Team.


Against Curro Durbanville on the 5th of August: U14 lost 3 – 18, U16 drew 21 – 21, 1st Team won 24 - 16

Against the visiting touring side from Malvern UK on the 10th of August at Glenwood House: 2nd Team won 15 – 9, 1st Team lost 19 – 29

Against York on our annual Derby hosted this year by York on the 12th of August: U14 won against York U14B 10 – 4, U16 won 21 – 9, 2nd Team won 6 – 4, 1st Team won 17 - 15

Then on the 15th of August our girls played PW Botha at Glenwood House: U14 won 18 – 7, U16 won 21 – 9, 1st Team won 34 - 13

Well done to these girls and their hard-working coaches and teachers.

netball season report

This year’s College Netball season has been action-packed. At the start of the season we concentrated on building basic skills and learning new drills. We attended a skills clinic in the April holidays and, although it was an overload of netball for three days, the girls came back quicker, sharper and more excited. The girls came back saying “Sandra says” as the head of the clinic, Sandra du Plessis, had a lot of advice and lessons for the girls. We then crammed a lot of fixtures into the second half of the season. We played a total of 11 different opponents, both local and touring sides. Each team had no less than 7 matches in the season. That may not seem a big number, but for a season, broken up by two school holidays and exams, it is quite a lot to fit in. Our second team found themselves playing 3 matches in one week at one stage! Apart from the scheduled George League games, we have maximum exposure for our teams by arranging regular friendly games. These have helped build the girls’ confidence and skill. With the season drawing to a close (our last games were played against PW Botha on Tuesday 15 August), we reflect back on the season and see how much our girls have grown. Individual players showed exceptional improvement and teams have become much more cohesive. As coaches and staff we have fun with the learners at every practice and every game and all the girls have been a pleasure to coach. We also thank the parents who have spent time next to the courts, fetching and carrying from practices throughout this busy season.


In the Laser Run event, Marcus Kleynhans and Hendrik Visser were selected to represent the SA President’s Team in October this year at the World Champs in Cape Town. Jenna Borrett was selected for the President’s Team to take part in the World Biathle Event, but will unfortunately not be able to attend.


Our rugby boys had an excellent 19-19 draw against Devonport U16 from the UK. Against Curro Durbanville, our U15 side lost 15-34, while our 1st team had a great win of 17-10. The U14 side played against a local school in Durbanville (Msibinane) and won (with bare feet) 50-7.

Against York our U14 side won 44-7 and ended their season on a high note. The U15 side had a tough 7-10 loss after playing their hearts out and the 1st team had a disappointing loss of 3-42 after having had a great season.

Glenwood House and York 1st teams before the Derby match – both teams are sponsored by Halfway Toyota.


Hannah Murray and George Marais took part in the Royal Winter gala and won various gold, silver and bronze medals in their respective items.

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