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I am a teenager who is starting out life learning about the world and how the world was looked at by others point of view and how people felt during theses times. I am also just learning more about this time and how everything works and how I am able to do my part to of the world. I'm trying to help and teach my studies to the next generation for they are able to push themselves even further and find easier ways to do life's work. When I'm not thinking so much I'm watching tv, playing video games, and spending time with family. I am the kind who stashes junk food and being the show off around the house.

Bill Gates the most richest man in the world

This broadcast compares Bill Gates and the titans of industry. Who would win?

One of life grates tragedy and see the effects of it, Nazis killed 6 million Jews. They would starve their people if they were not with them. They would put their prisoners in camps that separated their families. They would harm everyone that would not be on their side.

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Ivan Cardenas


Created with images by QuotesEverlasting - "640K ought to be enough for anybody. -Bill Gates" • RonPorter - "birkenau auschwitz concentration camp holocaust rail track"

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