Benigmo Sanchez Caturra & Castillo, washed - cauca, colombia

Quick Facts

Producer: Benigmo Sanchez

Country: Colombia

Region: San Rafael, Inza, Cauca

Elevation: 1850 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Castillo

Process: Washed

Harvest: August - November / March - May


Benigmo Sanchez is one of the small coffee producers of San Rafael and is a member of the Pillimue association. He decided to honey process the best parts of his production in order to boost the fruity and delicate notes of his Caturra and Castillo varieties.

Flavor Notes

Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Apricot

Processing Information


In the honey process, the beans are de-pulped and laid out to dry with the slimy outer layer (mucilage) intact. Mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky, like honey therefor the name. While, "honey" has nothing to do with the flavor of these coffees they are known for their sweeter flavors.

Many people perceive that honey processed coffees are automatically more expensive, however if not done properly this often leads to a false sense of value when not properly executed. For Benigmo's coffee, this is not the case. His honey processed coffees consistently provide a more complex and intense cup.

Regional Informaton

Inza, Cauca

The violent unstable past of the region and all of southern Colombia made it difficult to export specialty products like coffee. Fortunately, things have changed a great deal in recent years and the region is now flourishing in terms of coffee and stability. Inza is blessed with fertile soils and good land for producing coffee of excellent quality.