Giovanni de Verrazzano

Giovanni da verrazzano was a great explorer.He sailed for the king of France was trying to find the east coast of north america.But that is not what he found.Instead he found instead he found new York harbor and their now is a bridge there that is named after him.

native american presentation

That makes me think that he inspired people and was a little famous.He was born in the year 1485 and he went on two journeys and on the second he died because he met native americans and they killed him in 1528.


He went on the journeys for France because he wanted them to be one of the places that find the new land.

king of France

As a type of person who is fit to be an explorer because in the bio he wrote he said he explored places that were considered almost not doable and unknown but he did when he when he was very little too.This makes me think that he is brave and curious.

new York harbor

I think he is important today because he found new York harbor and the that is an important place today for boats and ships for today.


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