Spring League 2018 Comp report

What is the Spring League?

The Spring League is one of two lead climbing competitions we run here at TX each year. While the autumn's leading ladder features specific age categories, a set piece grand final and some fantastic prizes the spring league is much more leisurely paced. The routes are still testing but the leaderboard is only split into boys and girls, but a mixed board will always be posted so you can see exactly where you fit in! With a grade range beginning at 5+, a raffle every round and FREE entry, there really is something for everyone so please join in the fun! As it stands TX is the only wall in Scotland offering lead climbing open competitions so you really cant get this feeling anywhere else!

Ben Winter at the 2017 Leading Ladder Final. Photo: Robert Stokes Photography

Round 1

Round 1 kicked off with 32 competitors entering scorecards, a massive increase on least year which is great to see. On the female side of the draw two members of the TX Youth Squad shot to the top of the leaderboad with young Emma Heslop leading the way. In fact, 4 of the top 5 females were representing for the Squad. A sign of things to come perhaps? Alicia Ledo split the group with some impressive climbing on a return from her travels.

Emma Heslop cruising during the 2016 Leading Ladder Final. Photo: Robert Stokes

In the men's side of the draw we saw 2016 Leading Ladder champion Ben Winter take the top spot with 8 flashes. He was closely followed by 3 time Leading Ladder finalist Phil Hall and local strongman Dave Cowan who tied for second place in Round 1. Nathan Noble was the only person to top route 8, a crimpy test of endurance on the Dream Tower which leaves him alone in 4th place. With Round 2 already underway there could be a real fight to top the chart come the end of the competition.

Round 1 Scores

Your Round 1 setting team were Matt Berry, Joe Saunders and Scott Donaldson.

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