Rye Innocence By: Maya Alcala, Period3

My Immortal~Evanescence

After Allie's death on July 18, 1946, Holden went into a bad state of mind and because of this he continues to act carelessly and childish. Which unfortunately, Holden has not fully recovered from. So in this song My immortal by Evanescence it says that I wish that you would just leave, 'cause your presence still lingers here and it wont leave me alone, these wounds wont seem to heal, so within this lyrics it expresses the fact that Holden is still tied to the death of his brother and its something he just cant seem to shake off. So his brothers presence is always lingering around him no matter where he goes. Therefore, his brothers continues to just haunt him and it kills Holden to know that his brother is always going to be a constant reminder and throughout that year after of his death he was psychoanalyzed and this when Holden "..slept in the garage the night he died, and i broke all the goddam windows... i even tried to break all the windows on the station wagon(39)." This explains how Allie's death really affected Holden and still continues to affect him especially because Allie was always the one to bring Holden back up whenever he would fall and he was just Holden's bestfriend as well.

Young Forever ~ Jay Z

Throughout the story, Holden always presents himself as a child and acts in a childish way. And he always mentions the fact that he see the way the he acts yet he continues to do it so carelessly. Which in this song Young Forever by JayZ it says, "...Forever young I wanna be forever young, do you really want to live forever? Forever and ever..." and these lyrics really relate to Holden because for a while he has stayed in this childish zone and just doesn't want to leave his "innocence" as he enters the world filled with phoniness adults. In a way, Holden seems intimidated by the adult world and having to face reality. Also, in the book Holden admits the fact that he acts like a child and how people he is being surrounded by sees the way acts "...partly because I act quite young for my age sometimes. I was seventeen then, and I'm seventeen now, and sometimes i act like thirteen(9)." So this clearly shows that Holden acts like a child and admits but then later on he realizes that sooner or later there's going to be a point where he's going to need to past his childhood years. Also, that he cant stay young forever because there are these boundaries that need to be crossed.

Use Somebody~ Kings of Leon

Within the book, there came a point where Holden was attempting and hesitating to call somebody but he couldn't figure out who. And this song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon says I've been roaming around always looking down at all I see, painted faces fill the places i can't reach, You know that I could use somebody, this perfectly describes the way Holden felt for a split second when he started calling people in the phone booth and stayed in there for about 20 minutes because he couldn't figure out who he was going to call. At this point in time , Holden kind of went into this sad and lonely zone, which in the book when he says "...i felt like giving somebody a buzz...i couldn't think of anybody to call...so i ended up not calling anyone..walked over to the tunnel(59)." So Holden eventually walked away again all lonely.

Say You Won't Let Go~ James Arthur

Throughout this book Holden talks about this girl named Jane Gallagher and she was a very close friend to Holden, but Holden eventually saw her as more than that. But later on he sees Jane in an abusive situation and she was consistently showing different reactions because she didn't know what to do. In this song Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur it says I met you in the dark, you lit me up, you mad me feel as though I was enough... then you smiled over your shoulder for a meant i was stone cold sober and this relates to how during that time he saw Jane in a bad situation and it hurt him to see that she was hurting inside and at first she didn't want him to touch her but then she just wanted him to holde her and never let go. Jane was at the time so sad and started crying because she had been sexually abused ny the guy who her mother is sadly married too and Holden didn't know that and so when he tried to comfort her she tried acting like it was nothing serious, and in the book Holden says "she wouldn't answer me...i went over and made her move...so that I could sit down next to her...then she really started to cry...she sort of wouldn't let go...(79)." During this scene, Holden doesn't let her go and spends the night just comforting her and not letting go of her and that was something that she really needed.

Demons~ Imagine Dragons

To Holden, growing up wasn't exactly the best thing he could possibly experience especially after his brothers death and having a little sister, named phoebe, wandering down the streets filled with unexpected things. And in the the lyrics by Imagine dragons it says I want to hide the truth, i want to shelter you, But with the beast inside, there's nothing we can hide. Therefore, it was hard for Holden to move past his comfort zone and trying to stay a kid forever, but now as he enters the real world he wants to protect little kids from these vulgar and explicit things that he sees on a daily basis. In this case, Holden tries to protect his little sister Phoebe and little kids everywhere in this world, so when Holden saw that "...somebody had written "Fuck you" on the wall. It drove me near crazy. I thought how how Phoebe and all other kids would see it... i kept wanting to kill whoever'd written it(3)." This showed how Holden was ashamed and shocked by how somebody would write such vulgar words on a wall that was visible to everyone. This made him rethink this reality world that his sister and all other kids were entering and now he tried to do everything possible to protect those children.



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