What is Compluria?

Compluria is a Latin word for many or several. We chose this because for us, this is the best word to describe the students of the General Academic Strand of Ateneo de Manila Senior High School. It’s not just because the GA Strand is one of the strands that has the most students but also because we can say that they have a diverse and a variety of things in their strand like types and personalities of people, choices of careers, achievements, and values. This magazine aims to show that the GA Strand is more than the stereotype. They are not what most people think they are, they also have multiple intelligence in different fields, goals, achievements, and skills.

One goal of this magazine is to raise awareness about the real meaning of the GA Strand. It aims to show people the edge and the advantages of being a GA student through giving examples of the activities done and achievement obtained by its students. The edge of the track will also be shown through the perspectives of the students.

Another goal of this article is to show students, who are planning to enter the track, what they will expect in the GA Strand. The strand is not just about the students who are undecided of their careers or the students who don’t have goals in their lives but it’s about the students who want to join the different activities and learning experiences that can only be accomplished in the strand.

And lastly, a goal of this article is to show and prove other people how important and how valuable GA Strand is because for us, GA is more than just a track; it’s more than just a label. The GA Strand is a launching pad for champions.

“Through the General Academic Strand, the K to 12 curriculum has made provisions for these immature students that have not yet thought seriously about their future.”

This was a statement made by Isagani Cruz, the author of the article entitled “The General Academic Strand” which is currently under the Mini Critique column of The Philippine Star gazette-- but what exactly was the basis of this endnote saying that GA students are immature? This article was published last July 2014, when K to 12 was recently implemented and yet there has already been this stigma that members of the GA strand are immature and undecided students?

The maturity of an individual cannot be defined by these brackets that they are enclosed into. The ideals and choices of these individuals give such meaning to who they are but being judged instantly without being given a chance to prove their monumental worth is just society being unjust.

The aforementioned article came out as the third result when “General Academic Strand” was entered in Google creating that sequence of finding out that this strand is not what you would want your child to take in their Grade 11 year. On the other hand, the General Academic Strand has also its positive aspects that were not given much attention. In the context of Ateneo Senior High School students, being a GA student is mostly about experiencing such diversity within that large group of students.

Most of the members of the GA strand were not satisfied with what they got since it is not their first choice but according to some students, they actually decided to take this strand due to the opportunity of being able to choose and explore the different subjects which shall give them the chance to expand their knowledge—not being inclined to a specific way of thinking. Doesn’t this act show maturity from these students? Choosing this strand also means exploring and discovering different capabilities that lie within the entire path. “It is our choices…that show that we truly are far more than our abilities.”, a famous quote by Albus Dumbledore which reflects the core of the GA strand. Being able to face all those stigmas, opinions, and dismissive comments is one of the strengths being implored that shall push these individuals to strive harder and prove the others wrong.

If there is one word describing the entire General Academic Strand, it would be COMPLURIA, which means several or many. Diversity is what makes this strand unique. People often say that these students are only excelling in the extra-curricular areas but this is one of the many stereotypes that this magazine wants to destroy. This strand is diverse in so many ways, in choices, skills, abilities and potentials and the essence of understanding and accepting such differences is what it really means to be a GA student.

  • This section will show the highlight events occurred within the General Academic Strand of Ateneo de Manila Senior High School, such as the retreats of the 7 different sections (CANISIUS,CAMPION, BREBEUF, CHABANEL, DE BRITO, FAVRE, GONZAGA), the GA field trip, and the GA day. Students from the General Academic Strand have also represented their strand, school, and even their country for their excellence and skill, thus were given multiple recognitions and awards.

Participants of 11- Canisius from the GA strand represented their section and strand in the ASHS Bible Quiz Bee. They won as champion from the General Academic Strand and the first over-all winner from the Grade 11 and 12 Batch.

Ateneo Debaters competed and earned slots in the Capstone-Cambridge Asian Schools British Parliamentary Debate Championship. Julia Ocoma of 11-Favre (GA) was awarded as 3rd Best Speaker in Asia.


Team Ateneo won as the overall champion of the QCAA Championships in the junior boys division. Students from the GA Strand, like Diego Montes of 11- Favre and Amiel Baradi of 11- Brebeuf won gold medals, and Andrei Bautista of 11- Brebeuf won bronze.

Each of the seven sections from the GA Strand had their respective retreats inside the Loyola Retreat House at Angono, Rizal.


All seven sections of the GA Strand held their Field Trip last December 11, 2016. They visited the Church of the Divine Mercy in Bulacan, where they got to view and admire ancient exhibits, paintings, and the church itself. The second one was a trip to Salikneta Farm of De La Salle Araneta University, wherein the students toured around farmlands, plantations, and different kinds of animals and insects. The students also got a glimpse of experiencing agricultural labour such as packaging food products, milking cows, plowing, fishing, etc.


GA Day was held last December 8-9, 2016 in order to show recognition and possible job opportunities provided by the General Academic Strand. All strands were required to participate in the various activites being held during the said event, such as the stained glass competition, quiz bee, relay, and the fun run. CaRex sessions were also held for all grade 11 students.


The video shown above is a motivation and eye-opener for everyone: (1) individuals who feel like they are undecided with this strand, (2) individuals who believe in the stereotype or who wants to have further knowledge and understanding regarding this strand, and last but not the least (3) individuals who have no choice but end up taking this strand.

YES, the other strands offer a specialization in their courses but through the General Academics Strand, students are able to enjoy having a flexible decision or choice of subjects. They are able to have a hint of everything which could aid them to be equipped as they still continue in discovering their likes, capabilities, and skills. This strand opens your door to limitless possibilities giving you options as you journey to your goals and achievements. Contrary to the popular belief, GAS students are not incompetent when it comes to the application in higher education (college education) for they can even be more persistent in college applications. We should remember that no matter what strand they belong in, all students show initiative and passion in pursuing their dreams.

If you still think that you have failed just because you ended up in this strand, watch the video again and it will surely answer your questions and hesitations. Perhaps this strand may be a setback or just a reroute to a bigger picture, your achievement, so do not let perceptions and standards hinder you from sharing all of the buried potentials inside of you. The General Academics Strand hone your skills and not your talents because it is just something that you are born with. But with your talent, you have acquired it because of all the hardwork you put in to it. When some things don’t work out as you have planned, it does not automatically mean the end of the road. Sometimes it could mean that you are just on your way to your destination so do not think it is a mistake entering this strand.

We should eradicate all of the stereotypes and misconceptions we have stored in our minds regarding the General Academics Strand. It may seem like this strand has many disadvantages rather than advantages; however, we only feel this because we tend to look at the shortcomings rather than the brighter side of things. You’ve come to a point wherein you have read all the articles and viewed all the pictures that exhibits the life in the G.A Strand. The advantages and disadvantages of the strand were also laid out as well as the unforgettable memories that the students in this strand are able to enjoy and experience. It is now up to you to decide whether this strand is the right place for you: A place wherein differences are celebrated and is believed to be the stepping stone to achieve your success.

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