The Museum of Natural History rachel gowey

Nature on Display

The Butterfly exhibit would have to be my favorite because you are not just viewing different sculptures or models, there are actual living butterflies that you can interact with. There's a waterfall that creates a soothing sound and it makes you feel in the moment. I was able to see butterflies in their natural habitat rather than in a closed, confined space, and alive rather than dead. The exhibit brought in natural light and there were plants growing all around. We were able to enjoy the butterflies on benches that are placed around the exhibit and enjoy the life that was happening all around.

Nature and Ethics

I think the fossil exhibit best related to the theme of ethics because all of the fossils are from extinct animals. Our population has grown so quickly that we have to put ourselves first over the land and we take habitats, food and homes away from animals. Looking at these past living organisms can bring attention to people that we should be more conservative towards wildlife and that when we are tearing down trees and other natural resources we are not only taking away their home, but we are help destroying ours. It was crazy to think that these animals once roamed the earth and we were able to recover fossils or create exact models, but I would much rather go to a wildlife conservation area to see these animals alive rather than what's remaining of their bones.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by placing us in different exotic exhibits, each placing us in new sceneries. We are able to interact with the exhibits hands on and each exhibit is so realistic you feel as if you are actually adventuring into that era. It helps us appreciate animals and their habitats because we gain new knowledge on how they survived, what they fed off of and how their bodies are built. At UF we are very fortunate to have museum's like these to learn more about nature and history and apply our knowledge to our studies and every day life.

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