Life the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual(noun)

LIfe. what is it? It comes, it goes. Its short Its long. Lives vary. Some are rich.
some are poor.
Some are happy.
Some are sad. why? We all wonder.
The good die young. The evil-live forever. Its not fair. We scream. We cry. One more day. We wish. We pray. Life. What is it?
Life. What is it? It can be a blank page.
or it can be a beautiful mosaic.
It can be a thundering storm
or it can be a calming breeze.
ITs the mesmerizing sight of the northern lights.
Its the might force of an erupting volcano. Life. What is it?
LIfe. What is it? LIfe is the lessing of waking up every morning.
It is the uncnditional love that one recieves and gies.
It is hope.
It is faith.
That is what life is.


Created with images by kozan - "life" • Rachealmarie - "tile pattern design" • Unsplash - "chornobyl ukraine desolate" • Jumilla - "happy!" • Pochestorie - "Sorrow" • geralt - "cross sunset sunrise" • DariuszSankowski - "old retro antique" • MichaelGaida - "church church window window" • Pexels - "clouds cloudy dark" • Steve Corey - "Pond Grass" • Unsplash - "aurora borealis northern" • skeeze - "volcano erupting mountain" • crimsontideguy - "Biloxi By Morning II" • .through my eyes. - "unconditional." • Q8y_dream - "hope" • chidioc - "kid praying muslim" • Sean MacEntee - "sunrise"

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