Rain Forests

Have you ever wondered about rain forests? It's filled with plants and animals. Rain forests are all around the world especially near the equator. They get really hot and get a lot of rain each year.
Do you know where rain forests are? They are located in Latin America,Brazil,south east Asia,Pacific islands,west Africa and near the equator. The rain forest is very hot and humid and gets up to 200 inches of rain each year. It gets up to 30 degrees Celsius. As you can see if there was no rain of warm weather there would be no rain forests in any of those places.
Did you know that there is different adaptations on rain forest animals. For example the bearded big has a narrow body to fit threw places, whiskers to feel, dark brown mane for cameo and a snout for smelling. Another example is the Brazilian tapir has, webbed feet for swimming and has hind feet for rough ground. Last but not least the common tree shrew it has a long bushy tail to camouflage it self and can glide from tree to tree to stay away from predators. As you can see all of these animal adaptations help animal survive.
Do you know about any of the rain forest plants? For example the pitcher plant it hold water for itself and for other animals, it grows up on trees to keep predators away. The drip tips and the broimilaids are almost the same but look different. All the plant adaptations help plants survive in the rain forest.

From all the plant adaptations and animal adaptations they are all part of what makes up the rain forest and if there was not rain or warm weather all the plants and animals would die and there would be no rain forests.

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