Creative Brief for Video Presentation for Alzheimer Society of Montreal & A Night To Remember A video production by VIÜ MEDIA in collaboration with KEyStone Marketing

The story

Three personal stories from people here in Montreal and at different stages of the Alzheimer’s Journey and who can discuss their experience from different perspectives. The goal is to illustrate how the Alzheimer Society of Montreal are helping families to cope with dementia and how the positive impact it has had on their lives.

  • Jurgen Bender – artist who discovered a hidden talent for painting through Art Therapy workshops at the ASM’s Activity Center.
  • Luc Harvey – successful filmmaker who documented the Alzheimer’s journey of his beloved wife and business partner Mimi.
  • Francois Boulaine – husband and father of two young children who was diagnosed with dementia in his late forties.

The Message:

The three stories will be combined to create a complete narrative and discussions will be centered on “EMPOWERMENT” and the availability of tools and support for families and loved ones. The tone will be inspirational by showing how the disease can often bring families closer together and how Alzheimer’s can often lead to the discovery of unexpected silver linings.

The video will also describe the social & financial crisis we are facing and state clearly that more investment is needed to maintain the same quality of services. A Night To Remember raised $52,000 this year but we need 10 more of them each year to meet the demand.

That’s why we are looking for a handful of individuals and corporations with the financial resources to have an immediate impact and help create a significant return on that philanthropic investment.

Why You Should Invest?

We are presenting you with an opportunity to align yourselves with an organization (Alzheimer Society of Montreal) that is having a major impact on the lives of thousands of families in need of their support. Unfortunately the demand for Programs & Services has been increasing each year while fundraising revenues have steadily declined.

Your investment in this video project will help to spark interest, engage hearts and minds and generate much needed revenue that goes directly to funding the Programs and Services offered by the Alzheimer Society of Montreal. The Alzheimer Society of Montreal is an innovator in the development of coping strategies and training both for caregivers and health professionals.

As video partner, you will be prominently featured in a video that will be an integral part of our Major Investor campaign here in Montreal and across the province.

Marketing and PR exposure will be widespread thanks to the excellent media coverage we receive throughout the year, and due to the fact that no major brands have yet aligned themselves with Alzheimer's even though it is fast becoming a public health crisis in this country. Awareness among the general public is on the rise and so the timing is perfect for you to be seen as a leader, by investing in a project that will generate immediate returns and a lasting impact in our local communities.


At VIÜ MEDIA, we believe that great ideas emerge from collaboration: where everyone’s past and experiences combine to give life to your video ideas. VIÜ MEDIA outstands itself by its hard work in conceptualization and the precise execution of it all, its flexibility and its agility during the whole creation process. VIÜ MEDIA’s team and all of its partners and collaborators evolve through experiences with many different types of clients such as the following: Trade details, financial services, real estate developers, nonprofit, parastatal organizations, etc. They also organize productions, either event-based, promotional or corporative. These video productions at VIÜ MEDIA are always of high quality, executed within the laws of art that can meet your budget and your timetable, with great care coming from a personalized customer service.

  • Scott Broady, Marketing strategist -
  • Raphaël Jolicoeur, President - - 514.839.6553
  • Raphaël Caron, associate and production director - - 514.717.9695
  • Xavier Jolicoeur, business development - - 514.839.9350

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