Tina Turner By:Jade Frayer and samantha bradley

Anna Mae Bullock or Tina Turner was and is an actress,singer,dancer,and author. She was beautiful and inspiring. Her life may even seem perfect,but walk a mile in her shoes and you may not think so.


  • Was born on November 26, 1939-present day
  • Born in Nutbush, Tennessee USA
  • Her name given at birth is Anna Mae Bullock
  • Parents were Zelma Priscilla and Floyd Richard Bullock
  • She was first married to Ike Wister Turner, now she's married to Erwin Bach

Significant contributions

  • She was known for overcoming her divorce which left her bankrupt and continue performing, and becoming an even bigger star than she was with Ike Turner
  • She was also abused by Ike Turner and she overcame that and proceeded to sing, dance, perform, and act
  • She was admired because it wasn't common for and African American women to perform and write rock n' roll.

Did you know.....

  • Tina Turner won 8 Grammy awards
  • Tina Turner had two sons Ronnie Turner who is deceased and Raymond Craig Turner who is 58


  • Parents divorced in 1956
  • She was abused by Ike Turner
  • She was discriminated because of her race being African American
  • Her marriage was crumbling down, at that time she stopped performing for a while


  • (1939) born November 26th
  • (1940s) abondon by her parents and given to her grandma
  • (1956) her parents divorced, and started going to club Mattanhan and she met Ike Turner
  • (1958) her first son Raymond Craig was born(age 58)
  • (1960)her second son Ronnie was born (deceased)
  • (1962) Tina and Ike got married in Mexico
  • (1971) started her first movie "Ike and Tina Turner live in '71'"
  • (1975) Ike began abusing Tina
  • (1976) Tina divorced Ike, and asked for nothing but her last name
  • (1999) Tina's mom died, in which she did not attend her funeral
  • (2013) 73 year old Tina marries 57 year old Erwin Bach
  • (2017) Tina is still singing and dancing

Tina was

  • Strong willed
  • Confident
  • Beautiful
  • Inspiring

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