About Children In Shakespeare's Time AJ Rosario

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Children were often considered to be miniature versions of what?

Children were often considered miniature versions of adults, although they weren't trusted with many responsibilities, they were supposed to act responsible like an adult would. (Singman 18)

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In Wealthy homes, who often raised the children? Why?

In wealthy homes the children would be taken care of by Servants, grandparents, and mostly wet nurses. Wet nurses would be hired to take care of the children. This happened because many mothers would die giving birth, so these wet nurses would take a maternal role for the child. (Singman 18)

What Was the Infant mortality rate in Elzabethan England? What were some of the most common causes of infant mortality during Elizabethan England? How did families react to this?

Moms usually gave birth to 11 or 12 children, but only 1 or 2 would grow up. Many moms and children died because of sickness, and with a lack of modern day medicine there was minimal ways of treating it. Many husbands went through depression over losing both their children and wife (Jones 17)

What was expected of children in terms in terms of behavior? What was the punishment for misbehavior?

All children were brought up to respect their parents and be polite, they were not allowed to interrupt their parents and had to stand when the spoke. (Jones 9) Most fathers believed that it was their duty to "correct" their children, that is beat them if they misbehaved. For example, even royalty would be "corrected" if they refused to take their medicine or didnt feel like walking up stairs. (Jones 9)

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What was education like for children in the Elizabethan era?

1 in 3 boys went to school, and girls basically only learned the alphabet (Jones 34)

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