Surrealist Portrait Zoe statiris



Thumbnails - 10 of the portrait concept (drawn)

3 Roughs

Comp sketch

Image of the original portrait

Final image as photo in page

Link to photo file


My surreal landscape consists of my friend Tristan transforming into a demon. He has scales, red skin, My inspiration came from the fact that Tristan is quite mischievous in real life and that not only would it be a perfect way to represent him, he would get a kick out of it when I showed him. Some design challenges I encountered when creating the image was cutting out the pitchfork with out any of the background , but I managed to resolve that by using the magic wand tool. Another challenge I encountered was making the scales look like they were a part of Tristan's demon skin and not just sitting on top of his skin. I was able to solve the problem by changing the opacity of the scale layer so the red skin peaked through, plus i used the eraser tool to soften the edges. The coolest part of the portrait was showing Tristan at the very end. We both had a good laugh and it made me feel like this was a really rewarding unit. I plan to continue photoshopping friends with my new found skills; I will also try to use it in other classes as well.

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