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Animation Demo Reel

My Animation Demo Reel, as of Aug. 2018. I don't yet have my reel updated with my work from "Toy Story 4", "Onward", or the upcoming "Soul", but will try and update maybe once "Soul" is released (currently Fall 2020).

About Me

I'm Matt Strangio, and I've been in the animation business since 2004. I live in Northern Virginia, and have had the good fortune to have worked in video games (EA), vfx (ILM and Tippett), and recently finished 12 amazing years in feature animation at Pixar. Prior to working in animation, I worked as a web designer and illustrator in Los Angeles.

I love animation! I am passionate with the art form from the essence of motion to the believability of acting and performance. I am continually intrigued with applying the knowledge I've gained throughout the years, toward new industries and for new mediums, especially those utilizing advances in real-time interactive technology.

Outside of the profession, I enjoy astronomy, r/c airplanes, building models and spending time with my family and dogs.


Updated Aug. 2020