Animator Multimedia Artist

Job disruption

A multimedia artist creates the storyboard for an animation.

Educational Requirements

A multimedia artist requires a Bachelor’s degree


Must know how to work a computer, be able to talk directly to a person, and know how to design characters and scenery.


An experience in animation

Yearly salary

Multimedia artist get 63,800 yearly

Advantages and disadvantages

Some advantages are getting creative, and being able to use new technology, some disadvantages are trying to figure out the technology and how it works, another is the technologymalfunctioning.

Why did you choose this career area?

I choose this career because I enjoy drawing and creating new characters, giving them personalities and what not, I'm just really creative I guess.

Why do you think you would be a good fit for this career?

Since I think I'm pretty good at drawing and I do it in my spare time, I thought I would be good for this career. I also enjoy this, animating would be amazing to create.

What attracts you the most about this career?

What attracts me most is the digital drawing, and how the animation works.

What are your concerns about this career?

Getting let down like people telling you your animation stinks or sucks, negative stuff basically.

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