Caring for our Furry Friends By: Nicole Smith

Each year 2.7 milion dogs and cats are euthanized since too many pets are put into shelters, and in 1997, 64% of the total number of animals that entered shelters were euthanized due to overvrowding, sickness, aggressiveness, or were injured!

We all know what dogs and cats and other animals need to survive and live a healthy life. But, some people avoid giving thier animals the types of healthy things they need and we can change that.

Many people have helped dogs and cats, etc. through thier rough times such as Veterinarians, Service Workers, and Animal Trainers. Those people have been a big impact on animals that needed thier attention to get well or feel comftorable around humans again.

Many animals have continued to be abused and not treated right but, when people see things like that happen they report it and they will take the dog and get it back to normal but for the dogs that aren't seen abused continue to get abused and we need to think of a way to stop animal cruelty.

Us people wonder why people abuse animals and here are a few reasons why, they think it's fun to see an animal in pain or scared because they will feel more powerful,and some people just don't realize what they are doing and this terrible thing called animal cruelty needs to stop and we can help!


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