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Who founded Islam?

the Prophet Muhammad founded it , and the followers believe in one god whom they call Allah


There are many things that make Islam unique including its beliefs. Followers of Islam follow the five pillars of Islam

as explained in the video below


Imortant texts

there are 2 sacred texts in the Islamic beliefs. They are the Quran and the Hadith.

The Quran

The quran is the central scared text of the Islamic belif. The words in the quran were the same words verbally told to Muhammad from god

the Hadith

The hadith is more so a narritive of islamic tradtions. it is the second scarad text in islam

Influance on the world today

Islam today has made a great impact on the world both good, and unfortunately bad.

Islam itself is a religion well respected by many. their practices are peaceful and regardless of where you are from you can become a muslim. throughout the years though due to countries , that are majority islamic, tend to have bad relationships with other countries and cause a bad name for Muslims all over,

Even so islam has provided advance to astronomy, medicine and other forms of science we see today.

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