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Background Info

  • Incorporated on July 5, 1994
  • Founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezo, who is also the current CEO of Amazon
  • Amazon doesn't have any subsidiaries
  • Some of Amazon's competitors are Ebay, Netflix, and Time Warner cable because of Amazon's video section
  • Product wise, some competitors are Best Buy, Family Dollar, Radio Shack, and many more.

Factors of Production

  • Amazon is an online shopping website.
  • They are a distributer. Companies pay Amazon to show and sell their products.
  • Amazon has about 222,400 people, and is worth about $2.6 billion.

Financial Information

Amazon's Net income:
  1. 2012 it was $39 million
  2. 2013 it was $274 million
  3. 2014 it was $241 million
  4. 2015 it was $596 million
  5. 2016 it was 2.37 billion
  6. Just by looking at these statistics you can see that amazon is growing by a lot. Some reasons why are people are starting to like shopping online because of the internet is very popular right now, and the people don’t have to go to a store to get what they want.

Stock Information

  • Amazon's symbol is an arrow going from the a in the beginning to the z toward the end.
  • Amazon's abbreviation is AMZN.
  • Amazon's stock prices have been rising. In 2012 a stock was $185.00, now 1 stock is about $849-$852.
  • In a 52 week range it is $538.58-$860.86. The stock price is at a high right now, it has been growing since the company was started.
  • The stock rating for Amazon is Strong Buy. Nasdaq is the organization that gave amazon this rating.

News Releases

“While Facebook and Google are “true” internet babies, that earn all their revenue from online advertising, Amazon is something a little more traditional – it’s a retailer, first and foremost, albeit one that also produces media content and tech devices, and operates exclusively in virtual space. Amazon is notorious for its de-emphasis on profit. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is more interested in revenue and growth than he is in actually turning a profit, and it shows – Amazon operated at a loss in the second and third quarters of 2014. However, in its fourth quarter results released on Thursday, Amazon delivered surprisingly strong revenue and income growth. Net sales grew by 15% in Q4 compared to Q4 2013, and net income was $214m, down from Q4 2013, but a major improvement from its Q3 loss of $544m. Amazon is moving quite aggressively into new areas, such as its Fire tablet and phone, and its growing streaming video business – Amazon even made waves at the Golden Globe awards; its original series Transparent won the award for best television comedy or musical. For investors, Amazon is a long bet – it’s margins are razor thin and it frequently loses money, but it’s also growing at the speed of light and moving aggressively into new areas. Hopefully, its bets will pay off.” (

I think that if the company is increasing, then the stock price will go up. I think that the company is growing, as the article says with its new fire tablet and fire phone, so that will make the stock cost more.

The Summary, Analysis, Reflection

I believe, after looking at this stock, if you want to stay with a stock for a long time and make a lot of money, then you should buy this stock. If you want money quick, then you should find another stock to buy. I would buy this stock for the reason that Amazon is slowly expanding and over time, the Stock price would go up and you could get a lot more money that what you first got it for. In the article, it says that amazon is a distributer, that means that companies pay Amazon to show their products. Nowadays, companies can make their own websites to display and sell their products, so in a way there is a lot of competition. Also other companies like Walmart (who made make their own online shopping websites that distribute.

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