Great Golf playing near the green

Introduction: The biggest difference between the way the pros play golf and the way that hackers play golf is in what happens on or near the green. We are going to focus on shots near the green, but not on it. You are going to learn how to perform one of these shots, and share it with the class.
Task: The shots near the green are called chip shots or pitch shots. There are many different ways to do these shots. Your task is to learn how to do a one of these shots using a lesson made by a professional golfer. Your final product will include the following: 1. a video of the professional golfer performing your type of shot 2. a video lesson about how to perform the shot 3. a write up in your own words about how to perform the shot 4. a video of you performing one of these shots in a way that follows the lesson that you selected

Step 1: Decide on which professional golfer you want to teach your lesson. If you don't know the names of any professional golfers, herer are a couple of links:

Step 2: Go to your favorite video sharing site like youtube and use the search engine to find videos on how to hit chip shots or pitch shots. Remember that you need one video of a lesson from your pro golfer and another of your pro golfer hitting one of these shots. TIP: put the word golf in your search

Step 3: Make a written set of directions from the lesson video that you select

Step 4: Practice your shot for long enough that you can perform the shot to a reasonable degree. You are not required to be anywhere close to perfect. It just needs to be good enough to show that you are following the directions.

Step 5: Get a friend to use their cell phone to take a video of you peforming your shot.

Outstanding! You have finished your project. Now upload the video you just made to your favorite video sharing site. Copy links to all of the your videos into a single Word document. Also, put your write up of how to perform your shot in the same Word document and email it to your professor.

Bonus Points: Instead of putting all of your work into a word document, use to make a presentation of your work.


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