Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and is located at the bottom of the neck. It is associated with the colour blue, and the element of ether. It is linked to the respiratory system and the ears, nose and throat, and to the part of the endocrine system that controls the hormones that regulate metabolism.

The throat area is the seat of communication - including speaking and listening. It resonates deeply with the concept of vibration, with sound and music and energy frequencies. It is blocked by fear and the suppression of one's truth and creativity. It is where we find things "hard to swallow" if we cannot reconcile what is going on in our heart with what is going on in our mind, or a "lump in the throat" if we "swallow" our emotions without releasing them. When we feel as if we have no voice, we may become depressed.

An unbalanced throat chakra can manifest as talking too much or too little, not listening, not feeling heard, lack of self expression, sore throats, and problems with the ears, nose, mouth, jaw and shoulders. When this chakra is aligned, we are able to express our joy, creativity and personality, we listen deeply to others, and our cerebral energy is aligned with our heart energy and vice versa. We speak as we find with compassion and authenticity and we know when to remain silent.

The throat chakra can be balanced by talking therapies, voicing your truth, singing, chanting, sound baths, music, wearing the colour blue or turquoise and receiving healing energy treatments.

Asanas to open the throat chakra include anahatasana (puppy pose) to encourage energy flow from the heart, marjariasana (cat pose) and bitilasana (cow pose) to exercise the neck and synchronise the breath, and bhujangasana (cobra pose) to open the throat and upper chest.

You should always be supervised by a qualified yoga instructor before attempting new poses.

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