Book by book, child by child, together, we empower.

At Make Way for Books, we are passionate about achieving social change so that thousands of children get access to the opportunities they deserve. Our model is to build the capacity, voice, and power of the adults who care for our community’s children. Empowerment is about breaking down barriers, building on strengths, and creating opportunities from those strengths.

Our theory of change is grounded in genuine empowerment.

We support parents and teachers so that they can create positive and nurturing learning environments built on shared reading, literacy and language experiences. We foster early intervention and family engagement, assure cultural relevance, leverage community resources, and build on the strengths of children, families, and educators we serve. We are honored to share our following 2016-17 annual report and stories of genuine empowerment, inspiration, and transformation that were only possible through your support.

Thank you for making this a year of innovation, inspiration, and impact for more than 30,000 young children, families, and educators throughout southern Arizona.

The first 5 years impact everything.

Right now, 39% of young children in our community live in poverty and this puts them at a distinct disadvantage. Children from low-income homes typically begin school up to two years behind in language and vocabulary skills and struggle to catch up.

Our mission is to give all children the chance to read and succeed.

Exciting research shows that children's earliest experiences with books, literacy, and language actually wire their brains for success in reading. In fact, when parents and caregivers read and talk with their young children, their children's brains are activated in the same areas they will use when they learn to read on their own. These early experiences matter. Children’s vocabulary skills at age three have been clearly shown to predict their reading achievement in third grade. And, a child’s vocabulary at kindergarten entry is a strong predictor of their 10th grade reading comprehension.

You are writing a new story for children in our community...

This year, you helped us reach thousands of children, families, and educators with proven early literacy programs and high-quality books.

With your support, young children experienced shared reading and meaningful interactions throughout the day in the classroom and at home. And this year, your support helped to provide more than 45,000 books to children's classrooms and homes. Your support helped Make Way for Books focus programming strategically through our innovative, systems-building Neighborhood School Readiness Project. The model provides comprehensive and coordinated early literacy programming for young children in settings surrounding elementary schools with low third-grade reading scores and high rates of poverty. Make Way for Books combines multiple strategies to meet the diverse needs of young children. All programming was provided free to children, families, and educators.

Our Innovative Approach: Neighborhood School Readiness

Thanks to you, we made a tremendous impact for parents, educators, and young children this year:

You empowered parents

97% of parents gained skills, tools, and confidence to support their young children's emergent literacy and language skills through meaningful interactions and shared reading. And, 97% of families increased the time they spent reading together.

You impacted educators

98% of educators gained strategies, skills, and tools to better support the emergent literacy and language development of young children in their care through more meaningful interactions and shared reading.

Ultimately, you ensured our youngest children develop critical skills

Ultimately, thanks to you, 97% of children developed emergent literacy and language skills that are the foundation for successful reading.

In fact, a recent evaluation found that children in Make Way for Books' programs make significant gains and score well above national norms in vocabulary.

Children in Make Way for Books' programming make gains in critical emergent literacy, language, and cognitive skills.

A sample of children in our programming were followed to find the long-term impact of programming – 75% who participated in our programming during their preschool years scored at or above benchmarks on their school districts' reading assessments given in kindergarten, first, second, and third grades.

According to Dr. Melissa Barnett, Associate Professor at University of Arizona Family Studies and Human Development,

“Through Make Way for Books’ model, children gain experiences with literacy, language, and listening skills that carries over to their home activities. The parents are made to feel like partners, rather than students, in boosting their children’s literacy skills and love of reading. This culture that includes focusing on child and family strengths boosts parents’ confidence in their own skills, their awareness of their children’s skills, and their knowledge about how to support their children’s learning and development. This early, two generation skill building provides critical foundations for later school success. Make Way for Books programs make lifelong teachers of parents and lifelong learners of children.”

Thanks to you, our year was filled with stories of impact and inspiration. Here's what it looked like:

This is how YOU made an impact this year:

Partnering with Parents through Family Education and Literacy

Genuine empowerment happens when one is able to see their positive impact on their own life, relationships, and community. We find that parents, motivated by their children, are a tremendous catalyst for creating a brighter future for their whole family. Through our Family Education and Literacy strategy, we provide two-generation programs that harness the power of parents as agents of change in their children's lives.

Your support provided weekly programming where children and parents learn together.

Studies show that parents' engagement in their children's literacy is connected to improved vocabulary, comprehension, decoding skills, and more advanced reading ability. Because of your generosity, our Family Literacy Specialists meet families with high-quality programming and books each week. Our approach strengthens meaningful back-and-forth interactions and shared reading to foster young children's emergent literacy, language, and vocabulary development. Children are immersed in shared reading and literacy activities that build critical emergent literacy and language skills. Week after week, parents and caregivers learn that by sharing books and fostering meaningful, serve-and-return interactions with their children, they are helping their child reach their full potential and preparing them for success in reading and beyond.

Through our Family Education and Literacy Strategies (like Cover to Cover and Raising A Reader) parents gain skills, confidence, and tools as their child's first, most essential teacher. Family Literacy Specialists use a strengths-based approach to teach parents how talking, singing, reading, and playing with their child will set the foundation for success. We recognize and promote the skills and knowledge parents already have and what they are doing well as a foundation to help their children thrive in school and in life.

To see your impact on my kids—it made me want to try harder. You inspired me to improve myself to be a better mom to my girls. Now we read together every day. We weren’t doing that before. I feel that I’m confident now. My six-year-old is in kindergarten now and she is always trying to read.

You can hear some of the stories you helped to write for families this year:

You helped us create Schools Without Walls through Cover to Cover

Recognizing the great number of families who are not connected to early education, we created programming that meets families where they are. With your support, we provided our innovative Cover to Cover program to thousands of children in places like the Tanque Verde Swap Meet, social services offices, and more.

Family Literacy Specialists foster a collaborative peer-learning environment in which parents are connected with other families. These shared experiences build confidence, courage, and community among families. Some families come to our programming without any connection to our community and are welcomed into a safe, positive, and culturally-responsive space where they are respected and valued.

"We moved here with no family. We don't speak very good English and being in such a different place has been hard. Without friends or family, we have felt very alone at times. Make Way for Books became our community. When we come here, when we receive books, when we see smiling faces we feel connected. Now my daughter is in school. When they read books or sing songs at school, she gets so excited when she knows the stories and the words because she learned them at Make Way for Books."

You will definitely want to see some dancing dinosaurs in action at Cover to Cover:

Project 110: An Innovative Approach

Your support empowers us to build on the latest research to refine our effective programs and create new strategies. One of those innovations is Project 110 which is our new strategy focused on the birth to 3 years. Project 110 is an intensive program that ensures infants and toddlers in our community are surrounded by literacy and language-rich environments and interactions that foster their emergent literacy, language, and brain development.

This helped us both. I struggled with reading when I was a kid but now we're reading more at home. Adrian is evolving and thriving. This has been a gift to my whole family.

Click the video below where you can check out babies and toddlers in action at Project 110:

You helped us Make Way for Kindergarten

With your support, we provided Make Way for Kindergarten to ensure children developed skills teachers want them to have on the first day of school. During the summer before school, families joined for weekly sessions where they gained skills ranging from daily routines to how to communicate with new school staff. Through the program, children were introduced to the school campus in a safe, positive environment. This introduction was especially valuable to the many families who did not have a connection to the K-12 system and children who did not attend preschool:

I recommend this program to all families. It brought our family together—now we are all reading together. It really helps kids before they go to kindergarten—they learn how to sit down, to raise their hands, to be engaged with books. My son never went to preschool but he already got those concepts before he started kindergarten because of this program. He was ready for kindergarten. Now he is excited about school and he is always wanting to read!

98% of parents who participated in Make Way for Kindergarten reported that they felt very comfortable in supporting their children’s literacy development as a result of the program.

And you helped us to make an impact for more than 6,000 young children in under-resourced preschools and childcare centers. Check it out:

You transformed under-resourced preschools and childcare centers through The Story Project.

Last year, The Story Project impacted 6,000 young children at under-resourced preschools and childcare centers. The comprehensive program ensures young children have access to literacy and language-rich environments in the preschool classroom and at home. With your support, we provide high-quality books for children's classrooms and homes. Access to books is essential to fostering the emergent literacy skills children need to become successful readers. Make Way for Books provides high-quality, multilingual books for young children's classrooms as well as homes to ensure they have access to literacy-rich environments throughout the day. This is essential support for families.

96% of participating sites were assessed to be more language and literacy rich as a result of participating in The Story Project.

The majority of my students live in poverty and have no books at home because they don't have the money to purchase books. Because of Make Way for Books, we are able to provide a healthy start for our children.

Your empowered more than 1,000 educators

Through The Story Project, we provide ongoing, one-on-one coaching and content-based workshops for educators and childcare professionals. During workshops, educators learn to discover the world together with their children and to facilitate the exploration of the world using books to spark children's curiosity and answer their burning questions. Through support from Make Way for Books, an educator shared she learned ways to “promote daily interactions which promote and stimulate the search for knowledge and answer children’s questions that help the development of critical thinking.”

At Make Way for Books we feel respected and heard. We feel safe to share in a space where we can build upon each other's strengths and help our peers. [The Make Way for Books] program, strategies, and books provided have made the most impact on my practice and the way I interact with children.

Our impact is rooted in trusting relationships built on respect and a shared commitment to a brighter future for our youngest children. The Story Project empowers the professionals who care for young children with the skills and tools to support the early literacy, language, cognitive, and social-emotional development of children in their care. We are committed to overcoming barriers to ensure that educators can gain experiences and resources that boost their knowledge and confidence and ultimately create a real impact for children in their care.

Through your support, 99% of educators gained strategies, skills, and tools to better support the emergent literacy and language development of young children in their care through more meaningful interactions and shared reading.

Check out the impact of The Story Project in the words of one participating home-based care provider:

From our weekly storytime, to handing out thousands of books at the Downtown Holiday Light Parade, to our special Girl Power Story Hour event, this year was really one for the books!

Thank you for being a part of all this joy!

We could not have done all this without YOU!

Thanks to your support, all of our programs are provided at zero cost to all children, families, and educators.

In addition, Make Way for Books' volunteers contributed many hours of support in our programs, at events, and in our office. Altogether, volunteers contributed $106,530 in in-kind services in 2016-17!

We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

Make Way for Books is committed to executing with excellence in all we do. We are honored to be recognized for how our high-quality standard translates into impact in the community. Through the Quality Assurance process of our two main programmatic strategies, First Things First awarded exemplary citations for the extent to which our staff reflect the cultures and languages of families we serve, our cultural competency and ability to break down barriers, and our culture of empowerment that fosters families' shared commitment to the education of their children. Make Way for Books also earned exemplary citations for continuous self-monitoring and reflection to improve program outcomes. In 2017, we were among ten nonprofits selected for the Cradle to Career What Works Symposium, recognizing continuous improvement and real data to drive impact for children.

All of this impact, innovation, and inspiration was possible because of YOU! Thanks for your gifts this year!

Thanks to foundations, businesses, agencies, and community supporters who generously fund Make Way for Books:

The following supporters gave to Make Way for Books between July 2016 through June 2017.

50 Plus Club Seas

Align Publishing LLC

Amazon Smile Foundation

Arizona Cardinals Charities

Arizona Community Foundation

Arizona Coyotes Foundation

Arizona Lottery

Art 4 Moore Fund of Tides Foundation

Buffalo Exchange

Catalina Rotary Foundation

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Cox Communications Arizona Fund Held At The Community Foundation For Southern Arizona

Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation

Eliot Spalding Foundation

Executive Council Charities SAY, LLC

Executive Women International

First Things First

Flowing Wells Unified School District

Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family

Helios Education Foundation


Kroger/Fry's Rewards

La Cocina Restaurant

Larry H Miller Charities

Libraries Limited Inc.

Long Realty Cares Foundation

LPL Financial Foundation

Mildred and Dildred

Mt. Lemmon Woman's Club

Ohio Children's Foundation

Peace Vanguard

PICOR Charitable Foundation

Pima County Attorney's Office

Pima County Outside Agency

Pima County Public Library

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Raising A Reader

Riehm Family Foundation

Rincon Research Corporation

Rotary Club of Tucson

Roth Family Foundation

Session Yoga

Southwest Gas

Sparkle Cleaners

St. Mark's United Methodist Church

Stone Canyon Community Foundation

Sundt Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation

The HSLopez Family Foundation

The Lewis Hertz Foundation

The Melting Pot

The National Society of The Daughters of The American Revolution - El Presidio Chapter

The Steele Foundation

The Stocker Foundation

The Temp Connection

The Wreckettes

Thunder Mountain Women of The Moose 2155

Tohono O'odham Nation

TRICO Electric Cooperative

Tucson Electric Power

Tucson Federal Credit Union

Tucson Realtors Charitable Foundation

Tucson Sunrise Rotary Foundation

United Way Board Allocation

United Way Diamond Fund

United Way/First Things First

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Western Alliance Community Foundation

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Jeanine Rasummen

Jen Jaime

Jennifer J. Stewart

Jessica Hill

JJ Rosenberry

Joan Murray

John Dolan

John Ross

Junior League

Kathy & Ray Naylor

Kathy Bell

Kathy Do

Kathy Koritzinsky

Kathy Mitton

Kathy Reilly

Kelli Herreras

Kevin Lacke

Kevin Marshall and daughters

Kimberly Hoidal

Kit Parcell

Kristin Green

Kristine Nishimura

Lauren Schroeder

Lauren Wright-Land

Lee Ellen Fulmer

Lee Murray

Leslie Alber

Leslie Clark

Linda Hughes

Lindsey Fulmer

Lyndi Dewey

Manuel Ortega

Mari Arico

Maribeth Slagle

Marie Graninger

Marilyn Freeouf

Mark Alvarez

Mark Mason

Marla Franco

Marsha Schull

Mary Fernandez

Mary Jan Bancroft

Mary Lindley

Matt Landon

Matthew Arrollo

Maureen Cashin

Megan Troughton

Melina Rodriguez

Melissa Cordova

Melody Buckner

Melodye Farmer

Mike Duffrin

Mike Solan

Mr. Murray

Nan Thorngate

Nancy Thorngate

Neil Atchley

Nico Pierson

Nicole Struck

Noah Englebretson

Nora Encinas

Our Mother of Sorrows National Junior Honor Society

Owen Harried

Patricia Clay

Paul Bancroft

PCPL Teen Volunteer Group

Peace Vanguard

Rebecca Gordon

Rene Malmgren

Rhoda Babis

Rich Stanton

Richard Heegar

Rita Zohav

RJ Clark

Rosalie Goll

Rose Ann Essig

Rose Mayer

Rotary Club of Tucson

Roz Bishop

Ruby Ludwig

Ruthy Amisadai

Rylee LaBrue

Sara Hubbs

Scott DeHerrera

Sebastian Rahmer

Sesaly Stamps

Shayla Scott

Sieanna Rowe

Siera Phillips

Soledad & Richard Stanton

South District United Methodist Church

Steve Nash

Stephan Shull

Stuart Salasche

Susan Tovee

Suzy Hunt

Tara King-Taylor

Teri Cornett

Tevin Woods

Theresa Quiroga

Tiffany Cook

Tim Weiler

Tom Farmer

Tristin Fedele

Tucson Federal Credit Union

TUSD ACT Program

UA Cares

UofA Bookstore

UofA Rotaract Club

Veronica Avila

Wali Pierson

Yvette Carrillo

Zoey Petitt

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