Multicultural Eduaction by CAitlyn Stupak

Belief statement

I think I believe that multiculturalism is essential in the classroom. I think it will be important because everywhere you go kids will encounter someone from a different culture and I want to help them to be knowledgeable and not ignorant. I believe that all cultures are important, and they should all get recognition. Everyone comes from a different household and within each family is your own culture and it is important that students understand that culture is all around us. I believe that all children learn differently and as an educator I will make sure all students understand that everyone is unique. I believe that all students deserve to learn and feel important, so I will make sure that no matter where each student comes form they will all get equal opportunities and resources. I think in today’s society children who do not have knowledge about different cultures and how they affect us in everyday. I want to give each students opportunity to learn, if a student is at disadvantage I will do my best to make sure they are able to learn. I believe that all students have the potential to be great and I will do my best to make sure they see that.

What Has Changed?

My role as an educator is more important than I realized, because my class can be the safe place that student have. I can help them discover their potential and help them succeed when no one else thinks they can. I think my thoughts on being an multicultural educator has change because I thought different cultures was more about kids from different countries of kids who spoke a different language. There is way more too it, I never took into consideration that there are culture all over. In a city there are multiple family cultures and I think my view have changed through realizing that. I think that everyone forgets that culture is apart of everyone; we all have different life experiences which affect us.

Concepts That Change my Views

Foundations of Multicultural Education

Ethnocentrism: is judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one's own culture. I had never realized that I did this and I think a soon as we learned about this my views on myself and my teaching changed. I opened my mind to understand on when cultures run the way they do and I have not right to judge someone due to there values. I hold values because of my culture but also because of my life experiences.

Hidden curriculum: is a side effect of an education, such as, values, and beliefs expressed in the classroom and the social environment. Any learning experience may teach unintended lessons. I never understood that this was a part of the school system, I never understood why we did certain things. Example of this is, we are taught, how we should act and how if we want to succeed we must do it only one way.

Enculturation: gaining knowledge about the characteristics of a culture and becoming better at the language and knowing the way of behaving. I think this has helped me because now when I go into teaching I know that I must go in with the knowledge of the different cultures and I will have to informed to be able to treat all student the same. An example of this I looked more into the place where my friend comes from and when looking at it I found out why she does things they way she does.

Education That Is Multicultural

Social capital: the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. I think a school is a social capital in itself, because an area like this everyone is working for the same thing. This also helps for me because through this I can get ideas on how to cover certain concepts or just different ways about doing it.

Schema: explains the familiar and pre-acquainted knowledge one uses when entering a familiar situation in his/her own culture. I think this important because going in with a total clear mind can not help me either. When I go into my classroom, having knowledge on my own culture can help me understand students coming in. I think I have an expand culture values because I have moved into a new area and have a open mind to my own culture and the areas culture.

Bias: prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. I think this is a big concept that has help me change my way of thinking because I am more aware of my biases and on how to deal with them for the benefit of my student. I think this is also going to help me with my student because I know the will have prejudge thoughts about me.


Body language: a type of non-verbal communication in which physical behavior, as opposed to words, are used to express information. I think this has changed the way I think about teaching because I am more consciously aware of how I react to certain things through my body and I am learning on how to try and make it less noticeable to help all the students including the ones I am not too particular about.

Accent: a distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language, especially one associated with a particular nation, locality, or social class. I think this has changed they way I think because after coming to Graceland, I notice some accents that are harder to understand. For a child with an accent as a teacher I have to be able to understand them. If I cannot understand them and make it noticeable to them, it may hurt them and they may not talk. I am trying to figure out ways to help me better read their lips and get a better ear on it.

Dialect: a particular form of a language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group. Every culture has different ways on how to pronouns works or even speak and I think for me knowing the different culture that are in the area will help. As a Canadian we pronouns certain words better and I had trouble understanding what some people were talking about. I don't want a student to go through that.

Class and Socioeconomic Statue

Socioeconomic status (SES): an individual's or family's economic and social position in relation to others, based on income, education, and occupation. This has changed the way that I am going to teach because some child will think the deserve more because of who or what their parents do. I will do my best to give each student a equal chance to succeed and do their best. I want every student to have the same resources.

Poverty and language: the different types of speak due to the SES the family is in. This has changed the way I will teach because I want to do my best to better the chances of a student moving in the world rather than staying in the same cycle. The different types of speak are important to learn and pick up on. So that students lower SES can get the same opportunity.

Hidden rules: rules that are not spoken but we are expected to know. This has changed the way that I will teach because I think it is important that if a child breaks this rule and is tossed to the side by their fellow student to help them to unbreak these hidden rules. I believe that there are hidden rules not only school but in society. I think this will help me to better understand my students and help to better understand the rules.

Critical terms/concepts/experiences I found the most valuable?

Of all the concepts I believe the ones that I find most valuable are the ones about non-verbal communication and the hidden curriculum. Think these are incredible important because non-verbal communication is more important that what we say. Body language can say more than words; It can show true feelings towards people. Greeting is important because it can portray dislike or that you like a student more than others. I think hidden curriculum is also really important because I think that individualism and uniqueness is really important for students to understand. We learn differently and we have our own strengths; and teaching kids to be the same takes that away.

My identity influence my approach to teaching

Being a white woman and growing up in an area with little diversity, I think I will approach teaching with an open mindset because I have traveled to different places and experienced moving to a new place. Having a variety of friends from different places, religions, and countries has help me to realize that people are different and that everyone deserves to learn. I think the bias trap that I have to understand is that not all children want to learn or be there. I have to understand that to get through to them I have to make my class a space for them to feel safe. Another bias that I think I have is that just because a child’s parents do not understand that value in education that the student won’t. I want to be able to approach teaching with an open mind and with an open heart to all student.

I think a few of the questions I still have are:

1. How do you do holidays, do you have to forget about celebration or do you celebrate every ones holidays?

2. How can you set up a PE classroom and show multiculturalism. When your classroom is essentially a gym?

3. How can you connect to all student when we all have different life experiences and come from different family life styles?

Where students come from and the way they grow up influences them as people. When looking a student and their culture we as educators need to realize that culture is not just geographical; it can be your sexual orientation, your gender and your religion. All of these come into perspective when looking at your classroom and your students.

What has change my thoughts on my role as a teacher/multicultural educator

I Think the concepts and ideas that have really changed my views are the ones about gender and sexual orientation. This is a big culture on its own, and for someone who just understand the scholar side of it learning about how it effects student life, really made me look at how i could better approach teaching. After we did the PAT activity in class my eyes were opened more. Learning that there are children out there that are truly not excepted by anyone and commit suicide. As a person who wants to be an educator in high school, I want to be able to have a good relationship with my students that if they have no one to talk to they know that they always have a safe place to come. I want my classroom to be safe place. My role is to help students learn and become better equipped for the real world, but my role is so much more. My role is to help student feel safe, comfortable, learn and find where they want to be.

Concepts that have changed my views

Ethnicity and Race

Doll Experiment: I think this has change my ways of thinking about teaching because i think the way these children are choosing which dolls is the smartest and the pretties is unbelievable. The hidden curriculum behind this is not teaching children what they need to be treated. My teaching has changed because I feel as tough I have to be aware of this when students come into my classroom. They have been exposed to this and I do not want it in my classroom

Racism: This has changed my way of thinking because of how it effects students. This is a big controversial topic within society and going about the school year and making sure not to unintentionally use race will be something will try to be aware of. More conscious about it and put aside my stereotypes about a race and treat student like i have never heard the stereotypes.

De Fracto Segregation: This has changed my way of thinking and teaching, because I was not aware that there was two types of segregation. Learning about this can help me to make sure to split up groups that tend to stay together. So they can get to know each other.


Judaism: learning about each region in class was informative and i learned things i did not now. I think that students need t be informed earlier, so they can treat each student with equality and celebrate the differences

Secular Humanism: This has influenced the way I will go about teaching because everyone has belief and morals without the involvement or belief in god. I think that making people aware of their beliefs can help each student to learn more about themselves and their fellow classmates.

Religion: Fundamentalism: This will influence my teaching because each student has their own way of doing certain things in the day or holidays. To inform students about each religion This is a controversial idea in schools and having students informed will help other students religion is in culture and in everything.


Hemisphere Specialization: This has helped me understand better because knowing the hemisphere specialization, I know how to challenge my student and hoe to test them. I can better understand what is going on in the brain and better help them succeed in the classroom to help students stay engaged.

More boys are Suspended: The fact that boys are suspended more and that the gold standard is quiet and still. I understand that boys cannot sit still and need to be moving. This will influence my teaching because I will try to incorporate more movement in the classroom so they do not get restless and fidgety.

Females are more likely to apply for college: This has help influence my teaching because my goal is to have all students succeed and understanding that both men and women develop different. They also learn at different paces, this can help me to make sure that the boys feel as though they are feeling engaged and are wanting to learn.

Gender and Culture

Gender Role Learning: Have change my perspective on teaching, I talked to my sister and it happens in school. They are taught that this is how a lady should be. This will help my teaching because there should be no gender roles. Phrases such as "like a girl" teaches that girls should be weak. Going in to PE I want to change the stigma and help student of all genders to feel empowered by who they are.

Gender Spectrum: The idea of a gender spectrum has influenced my way of teaching because I have to really think about the way I talk and act, because it can be reflected in to the classroom.

Masculinity and Femininity Standards: This will influence my teaching because I want to move away from the standard set by society and make students feel safe to be who they are.

Sexual Orientation

Homophobia: This is a thing that has not necessary influenced me as a future but it will influence my teaching. I think that all students need to be informed on the LGBTQ community so they are less scared and have no knowledge to full of knowledge and less scared.

Coming out of PAT: This truly influenced my teaching, to sit down and go through how some children, teens and adult go through shocked me. I never want a student to feel like this. I want students to be informed that there is a way out that is not drastic. I want my student to be safe. In my teaching I want it to be know that it is a judge free place.

The Story of Jazz: If I had student like Jazz in my class she would influence my teaching because I would have accommodate her but not in a way that would give her more help but to inform the rest about the history of transgender and where it is going to come. This would influence my way of teaching because I will need to set an example so the other student understand how to treat Transgender people in the future.

How will my identity influence the way I approach teaching

How will my identity influence my approach to teaching. I think one of the ways that will influence my teaching is my biases. A few of the biases that I hold are in the genders and how students will act. Whenever encountering students I know boys are rowdy and hard to keep in order, girls are bossy and quiet. I need to come away from my mind being stuck in this though. I grew up in a house hold with 2 sister, a mom and a dad. I have an easier time connecting with females because I have more interactions with female growing up but I connect better with the female athletes. One of my greatest obstacles will be making sure to try and understand peoples feelings. I would like to think I am a caring person but growing up constantly competeing with boys in a classroom and in sports my mind god set in to the fact that being tough gets you places. I learned and was taught to never show emotions because it was a sign of weakness. In the classroom I need to understand that times are changing and now it is becoming more acceptable to show emotions. This may interfere with my teaching because I do not connect very well to children who do not do sports. I am really working on connection with all student, but I know it will be difficult.

Some questions I have and things I still do not understand

Something that I still do not understand is how to accommodate each student and their religion/race when everyone get offended so easily, what is a way to not offend students but have everyone's religion/race present.

Another question is how to approach a certain situation that involves a LGBTQ student without them feeling like what I am doing is targeting them.

How can I connect to all students without making some feel like the are forgotten or left out?

I believe as a multicultural educator that all students no matter the culture, religion, gender/sexual orientation that all students can learn and will be successful. In today's society I believe that the role of a multicultural educator is to help student to become more aware of things like gender/LGBTQ community, religion, culture. As an ever growing country, student need to be more informed than ignorant. Students need to become more well rounded people so when them go into the real world they have the knowledge to be successful. The big issues that will be important for me as an educator is to make every student no matter the gender or race, culture or religion, to find the uniqueness in themselves and help them to find themselves. I also want them to feel like the will succeed. I believe that through learning about every culture in your class the students can be more knowledge and turn away from the stereotypes of the culture. I believe every student has the capability to learn and treat every student with respect. Also show caring action that they would for someone who looks and acts like them. I believe as a multicultural educator my job is important to creating informed student, to help stop society and its harsh judgment on certain people. As someone who has seem multiple cultures and religions I feel I have the knowledge to help my student to feel connected to everyone in my class. I believe I can make a difference and help change stereotypes, and maybe help students to pull away from that and look more deeply at the people themselves.

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