Streets Of Laredo By; David palacios

This song was written by Marty Robbins (1925- 1982) was known has as the "Cowboy's Lament" the famous American cowboy ballad in which a dying cowboy tells his story to another cowboy. The song came out in 1965. He was one of the most successful and popular country and western singers of his day.
The song has become a folk music standard and as such has been performed, recorded and adapted numerous times, many variation. They're are many version of this songs. The title refers to the city of Laredo, Texas. Also had a film. Even had novel called "The Streets of Laredo".
The story is a cowboy who met a violent end in one of these towns is told in the song of "streets of laredo" which is located southern texas.
When the cowboys finally reached town after months on the trail, they were eager to shake off the dust and spend their pay. They would get haircuts, take showers. polish their boots, put on fancy shirt and head for a saloon to drink, play billiards and gamble.

"So, beat the drum slowly and play the fife lowly. Play the death march as you carry me along. Take me to the green valley there lay the sod over. For I'm a young cowboy and i know I've done wrong."

The young cowboy is telling us how he wants them to take his casket his own way and how he wants it to be done. He was a young boy that has done many things wrong and now his life is taken away by getting shot.

"Once in the saddle i use to go dashing once in the saddle i used to go gay. first to the card house and then down to Rosy's but I'm shot in the breast and I'm dyin today."

This Stanza is telling about how he used to do all this stuff when he was a cowboy in the "Street of the Laredo"

"The Streets of Laredo" only appears only on his greatest hit. The fans of country music ten to favor Robbins version for his smooth vocals and lilting guitar- a Perfect combination given the poignant nature of the song. This song still remains a popluar

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