Oregon Trail

Febuary 3 1872 Dear Diary

Today the family stated that we go to Oregon in the spring. I didn't really like the idea because there are dangerous indians there. We will be going on a account of farming. Father said we will have to be VERY prepared or we may not survive. My father sent me down to gather 2000 pounds of food the list said 800 pounds of flour 200 pounds of lard 25 pounds of salt and pepper 200 pounds of beans 700 pounds of bacon 100 pounds of dried fruit and 75 pounds of coffee. My father went to go get three yoke of oxen, when i was done shopping i came across a friend of mine his name was tommy he asked if he could come with us in our wagon. When he asked the question I rushed to my house to see my parents packing up for the ride i asked if tommy could come with us to Oregon they gladly said yes and i gave them the wheelbarrow of food that tommy helped me carry to my house.

February 30 1872 Dear Diary

Tomorrow was the day that we go northwest to Oregon although I did not like the idea it was going to happen anyway tommy was excited he's never been to a different area before, i was ready to get it over with. That night I couldn't sleep I was frightened I remember all of those reports" A tall man by the name of Edward killed by a Wagon" a wagon death was common because of bad weather or falling of a wagon could cause a death one mistake could cost you your life. Tommy came into my room with some bad news someone had an accident with there wagon and he fell off and died of impact. It was raining outside. I went outside to see very dark and hellish clouds, i didn't really like rain it just kinda made me sick, some people liked to jump in puddles and dance in rain but me i stayed inside and read a book. Tommy ran outside to dance and he wanted me to come i went inside instead i wasn't in the mood I wanted to get as much sleep as possible.

April 1st 1872 Dear Diary

This morning we woke up early father wanted us to get a head start to Oregon, I asked to stay here but father did not like how I was behaving so he slapped me to get my attention it worked he said "you and your laziness i cant have a child who is to lazy to even do dishes." I wondered how I could be helpful for the trip on the trail, when the wagon stopped I looked out and saw an awesome sight there were thousands more people heading for Oregon as well us so we slipped our wagon in and we rode until about noonish time we were all the cattle needed rest and us to eat lunch we set up were ever we could eat lunch tommy stayed in the wagon to eat his lunch for extra shade. after lunch all the kids were heading to one spot so me and tommy ran over there to see what was going on, as we did all of the dishes we ran back with our dishes and put them in the wagon. Father said "hop in we are going to get back on the trail" so we obeyed and hoped in. We were on the trail and a river was there father said that it was the Kansas River and we had to get the oxen over first and then float the wagon over. That sounds awesome until the wagon part ten people helped get our cart over we thanked them and headed off northwest.

April 27 1872

Its been a long 26 days 3 people from different wagons are sick and 18 people have died. Tommy had a cold for 3 days but the doctor said it wasn't life threatening, Also someone fell of there wagon but thankfully survived, as we were inside the wagon I saw a cool looking animal I sketched it out on this journal. It was bright red and looked like a dog as I saw it the strange animal and I went eye to eye for a second then it ran away as the next wagon which was so full a man named Roberto had to run, I shouted"Get In" and he jumped in and he thanked me. After that we just went on the trail.

May 8 1872 Dear Diary

Today was a crazy HORRIBLE day again the indians shot arrows at are wagons on a attempt to murder us BUT as always the men fired there muskets. I wondered how many more days months years were left and father said 2 days, shortly after a beautiful woman came into the wagon she bowed her head and sat on a "seat" as I looked back i saw something in the woods and called the men over they said hop on so i did I was riding on a horse down to the broken wagon it had plenty of food which i claimed when i came back with it my father was pleased as we were on low supply of food and there were 600 pounds of food in the bag.

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