Cat Genetics Virginia Miller

Basic Genetics:

A cat has nineteen pairs of chromosomes in every single cell in it's body. This is where the genetics information is stored.

When the male and female cats' chromosomes line up, they match evenly so the offspring gets half of the mother's genetics and half of the father's.

Male cats are called toms, and female cats are called queens

These genes do not mix-nature. Mix-nature would mean a red cat with a white cat would make cream kittens, but this does not happen because some genes are dominant, and some recessive. A cat with two dominant genes(WW) will display that dominant gene. A cat with two recessive genes(ww) will display the recessive gene. A cat with one dominant and one recessive(Ww) will display the dominant, but has the ability to pass the recessive gene to its offspring if its mate carries that recessive gene.

Some genes will activate other genes, for example: If an orange cat breeds with another cat, the offspring will be either orange, or calico, but no other colors.

You have a cat who has the black dominant gene and the blue recessive gene. If this cat mates with a cat carrying the black dominant gene and the blue recessive then:

As a rule you would expect to get more black kittens than blue kittens because black is dominant over blue.

Black Kittens- 75% Chance

Blue Kittens- 25% Chance

You can use this meathod with other cat colors and other sets of genes.

Not all of he cat's characteristics are passed on in as clearly a dominant or recessive form. Some dominant characteristics, for example, will only show up in a cat's appearance if there is another gene present to activate that specific gene, while other characteristics are gender linked. An example of gender-linked traits is the Calico Rule, or the Tortoiseshell Rule.

The ginger colour of cats, known as yellow, orange or red, is caused by the "O" gene. The O gene changes black pigment into a reddish pigment. The O gene is carried on the X chromosome. A normal male cat has XY genetic makeup; he only needs to inherit one O gene for him to be a ginger cat. A normal female is XX genetic makeup. She must inherit two O genes to be a ginger cat. If she inherits only one O gene, she will be tortoiseshell. The O gene is called a gender-linked gene because it is carried on gender, or sex, chromosomes.

Cat purrs speed up the healing of Brocken bones and steady your blood pressure.

Cat genetics are complex and diverse, but colorful and exciting!

All of this information barley scratches the surface of cat genetics, but it should give you a good basic understanding of feline heritage.котик/jcoekopocpncikclhpigpkoaadoeejmj


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