Misision to mars By Victor reyes

Intro - The year we will launch to mars is 2030.

The goal to this mission is to explore around and collect information about mars that we don't know and maybe discover something new.

It will take us approximately 162 days to get there, 140 millions miles away.

Resources that we will be taking up there with us that is the most important is food and water.

The mission plan is to launch successfully and to get to mars with no problems and collect information and try to discover new things from mars and new data.

Crew Selection- 4 crew members id take up there with me is doctor, scientist, science teacher and a business man.

They would have to have certain skills and go through a specific training. Also they would have to have some sort of a collage degree and they would have to an ability to pass the NASA test.

There training consist of working good under pressure. Accept differences of other crew members and also maintaining control of their minds.

Visual that represents mission.

Space Travel-Space X Future A Blue-Green Mars Melt huge amounts of ice Plant things Put greenhouse gases to trap heat Make air breathable.

The things i will have to protect my crew member is to make sure they dont run out of oxygen and that they have their suits on at all times and also

Living On Mars- The type of environment they would be living in is a very small place and would have to be very squished.

Some of the things that i need to keep my crew members from is the thin air and the little oxygen that there is.

Food and water will be one of the things that is important because if you run out of food and water up there there isn't much you could do.

Some of the things we would do to colonize mars to figure out what would we need to see if there water and figure out a way to grow things i there but i doubt we would do it because mars is too hot.

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