The secret of the castle By Evan appleby

Ugh, thought david, it's almost harvesting season, too much work, and it was, harvesting season was hard work for David and kenny, his dad. They both are farmers (if you didn’t already figure that out), and kenny was getting old now, almost 60, so work was hard. Anyway they both lived in a big castle called omega one of the many castles around here but this one is really old built by the kings dad but he died in a war . So davids a farmer, he is pretty average on the outside but he is a mighty farmer that can pull carrots like no other. So it's almost harvesting season and david is having trouble gathering his thoughts so david thought it would be nice to take some midnight walks while kenny and everyone was sleeping.

David opened the door out to the black night sky, stars everywhere, he started to walk. As he walked past his cornfield he took an ear of corn off of a stalk and bit into it, it tasted better than ever and David knew that it was going to be a good harvest. As David walked on suddenly he saw something that caught his eye, it looked like something or someone moving in the dark and it appeared that the person was wearing a hooded cloak but David Caught a glimpse of the person's face it looked kind of young but too hard to pick out anybody. David squinted at the person and saw that it was walking towards what appeared to be the castle walls.

As he got closer, he started to move swiftly. Then when he reached the wall, he paused then pushed a brick inside the wall, then a big door opened up in the wall. The person walked in and lit a torch and walked off down a hallway, and just like that the door shut, it was dark, and David was once again the only one.

David spent the rest of the night thinking about what he had seen. He pondered over who it could be but then decided that he wouldn't tell anyone. When harvesting day came around, the work took his mind off of the strange person. That night he took another walk to try to find the person and sure enough, walking in the same direction was the person he saw the night before. Then for the next 2 nights the same thing happened and david ruled who it could be. It couldn't be kenny because he checked on him and he was fast asleep.

After a week of seeing the strange person, David decided that he would try to get closer to really figure out who the person in the cloak really was. That night, David set off with kenny in bed snoring loudly, outside towards to where the person always was, there he saw the person walking towards the wall and david ran to a house nearby where he could hide. As he peeked around the corner he could now see that this time the person was wearing a mask that covered their face. David was going to try to confront the person and ask them what he was doing. But as soon as that thought came to mind something else happened, a piece of paper fell out of the person's pocket. David waited until the person was gone then he ran and picked up the note and unfolded it only to find that it was coded, it was a note of many symbols and David didn't know what to make of it. David decided to keep this a secret from kenny and everyone else. He spent the next day trying to decipher what the note meant but with no luck, and for the next few days it was the same story.

Eventually it occurred to David that he couldn’t keep this a secret forever and that he would have to tell somebody, the King. It seemed kind of crazy to David but it seemed like it was for the best. The next day he worked up enough courage to go and tell the king. The king's palace was in the middle of Omega and was guarded by 2 guards at the gate, as David walked up to the guards he was starting to lose confidence but he had a gut feeling that the note meant something bad. David walked up to the guards and told him that he had found something and that he needed to tell the king quickly. The guards just stared at each other and smiled, then they asked David what could've been so important. David pulled out the note and showed it to them and they went serious, then david started to tell them about what he had been seeing and then they agreed to let him up. Suddenly David realized that the younger guard looked alot like the person he seen walking around the first time. The guard must’ve seen it in David’s eyes because then the guards pinned david down. David shouted at them, asking what they were doing, then the guards told him that they were going to take over Omega by releasing dragons on everyone so they would come into power. David asked them when they were going to do this and the guard replied with a smug “Now”.

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