GIANT INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME Call for internship projects 2021 - summer & autumn

Researchers in Grenoble, recruit international interns and identify talents while strengthening your international collaborations!

The GIANT International Internship Programme (GIIP) facilitates 10 to 12-week summer internships for foreign students preselected by our partner universities (for the summer intake: MIT, UPenn, UC Berkeley, Northeastern…), or directly by supervisors involved in international collaborations.

The host unit provides the basic internship stipend and GIANT provides support for administrative and logistical matters, and organises scientific and cultural activities after office hours. You’ll find detailed information on how the GIIP works in this presentation or in the supervisor guidebook below.

The GIIP is GIANT’s flagship international programme and aims at:

  • attracting and retaining high-potential students (undergraduate, master’s or PhD) in Grenoble
  • structuring partnerships with world-class innovation ecosystems
  • raising the international profile of the GIANT innovation campus and of the Grenoble area.
0ver 300 students have been hosted on the GIANT campus since 2011, and around 10% have come back for an internships, thesis or postdoc; and several international projects with bilateral funding were started.

Hosting an intern

If you’d like to host an intern next summer (~May-July) and/or autumn (~September-December), please submit a research topic to internships@giant-grenoble.org by 17 December 2020, using the template available below.

Please make sure that this project is approved internally within your lab, with a priority for GIIP applications, and keep us informed asap if you have to withdraw it at any point.

Covid-19 and new partnerships

French borders remain open to students and researchers specifically, including for internships. Take advantage of this to maintain and strengthen the relationships with your colleagues abroad!

If you’d like to host an intern from a university with which you are working but isn’t a GIIP partner yet contact us! In this case, the internship period can be tailored to your needs.


Laboratories affiliated to CEA, CNRS, EMBL, ESRF, GEM, ILL, Grenoble-INP, UGA as well as local startups and larger companies, for research or R&D internships.

Startups based in and around Grenoble may also be interested in the GIANT International Entrepreneurship Programme, for a larger scope of internship missions.

GIIP interns, 2017-2019 (c) GIANT/Utopik et GIANT
Focus on the research, GIANT handles the rest!