Export Thunderbird to MS Outlook or Office 365 Robust Migration Solution for Personal, Large or Corporate Account Users

The Tutorial explains the importance of converting emails from one desktop emailing client to another as well as defines the consequences of using freeware conversion applications to fulfill the purpose. It also highlights a secure and reliable way to export data from Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook PST format.
Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST

Migrating data from one email client to another is always a critical process. When it comes to desktop email apps, MS Outlook becomes the most popular application as its recent version offers a user-centric interface and advanced emailing and calendaring features. Users usually convert their email platforms from Thunderbird to Outlook to avail advanced features.

Since MS Outlook does not offer any straight-forward conversion method to migrate emails from Thunderbird to MS Outlook, the only alternative is to employ a third-party converter application. There are a number of free converters and procedures available to export email messages, but they incorporate several disadvantages as well.

Sometimes, users may encounter issues while exporting emails using freeware apps. This includes modified email dates, lost and incorrect data, broken message headers, inappropriate folder structure, broken images, missing email address, etc. The most alarming consequence is the deletion of important email messages from users’ mailbox.

With this in mind, the question arises as to how to convert emails from Thunderbird MBOX to MS Outlook PST while preserving its original structure and security of data.

Stellar MBOX to PST Converter is a third-party reliable email converter that successfully exports messages from Thunderbird client to Outlook supported format. The software offers the following benefits while converting data:

1. Every single bit of data is safe and secure during conversion and integrity of email messages is maintained

2. Status information of emails such as unread, forwarded, flagged, or replied is correctly transferred

3. The Mailbox folder structure is restored and maintained in MS Outlook and no manual intervention is required

4. Emails can be migrated directly to MS Outlook, HTML, PDF, RTF, and Office 365 formats

5. Users can select appropriate software edition from Soho and Tech versions as per their requirements and preferences

Stellar MBOX to PST Converter exports data in a simple and straight-forward procedure. The entire method can be divided into two steps:

Step 1: Convert MBOX to Outlook PST

Step 2: Import resultant PST to MS Outlook

Follow the steps below to migrate data from Thunderbird MBOX to MS Outlook:

Step 1: Convert Thunderbird MBOX Emails to MS Outlook or Office 365

1. Launch Stellar MBOX to PST Converter software and select the Thunderbird icon from Select Mail Client to be Converted to Outlook PST window

Select Thunderbird from Main Interface

2. Once the email client is selected, Select File/Folder window will appear. Click on Select File to provide the file location under Select File/ Folder Path section

3. After the file or folder location is selected, click on Convert button to initiate the conversion procedure

4. If the location of MBOX or MBX files is unknown, it can be found using the following procedure:

(i) Click on Find File button available in Select File/ Folder window

Select file/folder path

(ii) Browse for Folder dialog box will appear

(iii) Locate intended drive, sub-folder or folder, and click on OK button to search for the file(s)

(iv) Once the search completes, the list of MBOX, MBX, AppleMail and MacMBOX files selected in the specified drive, sub-folder or folder will be displayed in the Select Files dialog box

(v) Select all or selective files that needs to be converted to Outlook PST and then click on Convert button

5. Next, click on Convert to PST option from File menu or select Convert to PST from the toolbar to export emails from Thunderbird to Outlook PST File

6. In the then appeared Save File window, select either of the two given storage options:

(i) Save as a new Outlook PST File

(ii) Append data into existing profile/ PST file

In order to save the converted data to new PST file

(i) Click on Save as a new Outlook PST File and click on the Browse button

(ii) In the then appeared Browse for Folder dialog box, select appropriate location to save the newly converted file

(iii) Open the specified location to view the converted files

In order to save the converted MBOX data into existing Outlook profile or existing PST file:

(i) Click on Append Data into existing profile/ PST file and in the then appeared Select Profile and PST dialog box, select either of the given options:

• Select Outlook Profile to add converted mails: To save the converted emails to existing Outlook profile, select a desired profile and click on OK

• Select Outlook PST file to add converted emails: To save the converted emails to existing Outlook PST file, click on Browse to select the desired file and click on OK

Save converted mails

Similarly, to convert Thunderbird MBOX emails to Office 365 format, select Office 365 format under Save as section.

Step 2: Import Resultant PST to MS Outlook

The converted data can then be imported to MS Outlook using Import and Export wizard. Follow the steps below:

(i) Click on the File menu, click on Open and then click on Import

(ii) In the then appeared Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file and click on Next

(iii) Select Outlook Data File (.pst) in Import a File dialog box and then click on Next

(iv) Then select the PST file that needs to be imported to MS Outlook. Select appropriate option under Options section and then click on Next

(v) In Import Outlook Data File box, select appropriate folder that needs to be imported and click on Finish to complete the procedure

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