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The Benjamin Moore 2017 Color of the Year

this jewel is anything but neutral

Even though in recent years whites, creams and beiges have ruled the design world, Benjamin Moore is taking a bold step away from this safe choice. Sure, last year their color for 2016 was Simply White OC-117, but this year they went with something they describe as a rich, deep amethyst: Shadow.

"After a year of looking at white, we were looking for something with more feeling," a spokesperson for the company said at their reveal party at the New York Public library this week. They also shared a palette of 22 colors as recommend pairing with this statement hue, which includes other jewel tones like ruby and emerald. Don't just limit it to the walls. Why not use doors, ceilings and more to add a pop of trendy color to a home's decor?

"These colors offer depth and a richness that will make a space feel cozy, yet luxurious," says designer Liz Toombs. Pair vibrant, jewel-toned designs with neutral, minimal wall colors for a toned-down take, or go wild and slather an entire living space in color.

We've Got The Green Light

greenery is vibrant, bold, fresh and, above all, positive

In 2017, Pantone predicts Greenery will be the color that takes centre stage in all aspects of our daily lives. This year’s color is synonymous with renewal, the need to revitalise and the desire to unite in the face of adversity.


we as human beings need to connect and engage with things

Materials are getting warm and classic. Terra cotta, and cork are making a surge. Subway tiles are solidifying their hold as a "works with everything" tile. And butterflies...butterflies are going to be huge.

Marble & Brass

Young Huh, who was named one of Vogue’s five young interior designers on the rise in 2015, promises marble and brass will continue to dominate in 2017. “We’re going to see this trend in both kitchens and baths,” Huh explains. “It’s that combination of something very natural and clean, like white marble, and something industrial, hard, and a little bit glamorous with the brass.”

Adding Texture

We spend plenty of time staring at flat screens, for that reason, designers are now into enticing customers by engaging them on a textural level. Warm materials such as terra cotta and cork will replace currently popular cool and white tones. You heard it here first – cork is making a comeback. Macrame...still out.

Joe Says it Ain't So...But Faux is a Go!

Maybe it’s the ultra-soft and cozy factor, or maybe it’s the pop of aesthetic interest. Either way, faux-fur is making a comeback, and we should all embrace its fuzzy return.

This Bed Will Not Be A Knockin'

Because Upholstered Headboards Are A-Rockin'

Chic and sophisticated, upholstered headboards have a knack for tying a room together. This is just another way that textures and colors will be combining powers to give a more layered style in 2017.


2017 will be full of contradictions in pattern, texture and color

The Kitchen

After years of white on white kitchens, kitchens are begging for a little color. The blend of textures and materials trend in 2017 will continue to the kitchen, with a mix natural wood, paint and metals. Oh, and so long stainless matte appliances are taking over.

The Living Room

There is a huge contrast in fabric textures and new collections are awash with plush velvets, raw and organic linens, and ethereal sheers. Colour is bold and sensuous with beautiful deep green and plum hues being this year’s hits but with earthy browns, corals, terracottas and pops of Schiaparelli pink all in the mix. There is polarity in wall coverings with both industrial finishes – like rust, cement and burnished metal, going up against large-scale botanicals. Sarah Barclay – Barclay Interiors

The Bedroom

Few rooms have seen a more significant shift than the bedroom. In 2016, bedrooms with green accents, wooden beds, and Venetian blinds were among the most pinned, but this year heralds a more romantic, livable space. Houzz notes a rise in bedrooms with an intimate or romantic atmosphere and suggests ruby accents like throws and cushions will become more popular. Instant update: Toss some jewel-tone cushions on your bed and swap out nightstands to breathe fresh life into your room.

Statement pendant lighting is increasing in popularity as a replacement for standard bedside lamps, and Pinterest also notes that users are investing in unique nightstands that make a statement rather than simply mirror the bed.

Odds & ends

in the time of the butterflies

"Butterflies are increasingly appearing as a buoyant, happy motif in home design. A symbol of both grace and optimism, the butterfly is no longer designated to children's rooms - but rather celebrated in a variety of spaces with sophisticated accents." ELLE Decor. So, should we make sure all of our app shots are flutter-worthy? Maybe not. Perhaps we wait until the grasshopper comes back in vogue.


searching beyond pinterest and google

Pinterest and Google images seem to our go-to for image research...but it might be time to widen our search. Here is a list of designers, photographers and stylists that are known for setting and keeping trends, so give them a look the next time you need to put together a mood board.

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