Djibouti By:MadElyn trulock

Location, the placement on earth in which it will be found. The difference between absolute location, and relative location is simple. Relative location is what it is around, Djibouti's surrounding counties are Ethiopia and Somalia. Absolute location is exactly where it is, 11.8251 degrees North, and 42.5903 degrees East. Djibouti is on the continent of Africa.
The capital of Djibouti, is Djibouti.
Small series of mountains are covered by a Stoney desert and scattered volcanic plateaus crisscrosses by deep time-worn troughs, some with shallow salt water lakes. Highest point in Djibouti is Moussa Ali (6,768 ft) 2,063 mi.
There is a tropical desert on the coast side, and in the northern areas. The south central climate will be semi-desert. Near and around the capital it's always hot.
Djibouti's surrounding countries are Eithiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia.
The bodies of water that surrounds is Gulf of Aden, Bab el Mandeb, and the Indian Ocean.
The geographic theme place means, the physical and human aspects of a location.
Djibouti has many natural resources like salt, perilite, gypsum, gold, granite, deatomite, gothermal energy, solar energy.
They have two dominant ethnic groups Issa, and Afar.
The main religion of the country is Islam. There may be other branches of it though. Their holy book in named Koran. The Afar is the pre-Islamic believe that on special days u sacrifice animals, and have rain making ceremonies.
Local muslims have saints days associated with the Afar and Issa are popular among the Somalis. They have a large holiday for Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Also every Friday they gather around and pry.
They have a strong republic, with a central government and democratic constitution which was adopted in 1992. 18 years plus are allowed to vote. The president is allowed 2, 6 year terms. It is mandatory for men 18- 25 to be in the military. Their presidents name is Ismail Omar.
Human environment intractions is how human react to there environment and how it changes them.
The agriculture in this country is very little, just because of the precipitation levels. Although grain has become their " signature" growth crop. In 2001 they traded around 37,970 tons of grain.
There are many sea transportation companies for fuel and bunkering to help export African goods.
In the last 30 years, 21 bird species have become extinct and 197 bird species are critically endangered.
The population is over growing, the towns people can't get enough fresh water for themselves. Also they have reoccurring earthquakes, many flash floods, and active volcanoes. 35% of the economy is vulnerable to natural hazards. Jobs are not easily found, 25% of the population aged 15 and above actively seeking for work cannot find a job.
Region is an area or division, especially part of a country or the world having defined characteristics but not always fixed boundaries.
9 year education is required. When u finish if you wish to continue your education, a certification of fundamental education is required. If the certification passes you get another 3 years of schooling. Djibouti has a variety of languages they speak French, Arabic, Somali, and Afar.
The academic year begins in September and ends in June. They have primarily and secondary schooling.
The countries population is 872,932. The density is 38.30.
The area of the country is 8,958 miles squared.
Djibouti's GDP is 2,180 PPP dollars.
The male life expectancy is 61 years for a male and 65 years for the female.
The climate in this area is desert, and dry.
Movement is an act of changing physical location or position or of having it changes. Like how good move from country to country.
The literacy rate for males is 78% and females 58.4%. The over over all is 67.9%.
Imported goods is food, beverages, transported equipment, chemical and petroleum products. Exported good is reexports, coffee, hides and skin.
The flag was adopted June 27, 1977 following their independence from France. The blue represents the sky and the nation. The green represents everlasting green on earth. The white represents peace. Finally the red star represents unity and all the blood shed for their independence. They gained independence by fighting in a long battle against France.
They have a very good technology background, able to do some of the tings we can do.
They many transport on trains and cars, but they do have plane stations. Communication is just like many others mail, text, call, news, and social media.
China is moving their new naval base into Djibouti. That is causing so issues. The reporter says it's like having your rival football team practicing right next to you.
Djibouti has many oil mines they have been using for year. They use it for exporting goods, and is a good it's self. Other countries around are also finding oil, this could become a problem for the country and their money intake.
Djibouti has many travel spot that are very popular to people who know about them. Lake Abbe is very famous. It is known as the forbidden zone in planet of the apes. Lake Assad is also known for being the saltiest lake out side of Antarctica. It is also a huge tourist trait, eating a camel steak.
Studies show that the schooling system is about the same. They learn majority of the things we do, take standardized test. The only huge difference is they speak different languages.


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