Darimikius Garcia BIM 1 Period 2

January 4th

How was your break what did you do ?

My break was good. I slept in a lot and also played a lot of basketball. Also went out of town to visit family.

what dream can you

What are your plans for this weekend ?

This weekend i am going to sleep for as long as a can. Then when i am not sleeping i am going to go and play basketball. If i am not doing either of those i am going to be eating.

How do you decide if you like someone ?

Have you ever passed on a kindness ?

Yes i have one day i was at the park and a kid wanted an ice cream but his mom didn't want to buy him one so i called the kid to the ice cream truck and i told him to pick any ice cream he wanted so i just paid for him and he looked like the happiest kid ever.


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