Good Life Performance of The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Cullen Smith

On Wednesday night, January 26th, I attended the showing of The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt with my roommate. While this play takes place over 100 years ago, it it very intriguing in that it raises questions about many modern social issues. Overall, I really enjoyed going to this play, and I would recommend it to my friends if the play is ever shown near them.

A picture of me, appreciating the artwork in the lobby of the Constans Theatre (photograph by Chad Nussbaum).


When my roommate and I first entered the Constans Theatre, we were immediately impressed by the artwork and decorations in the lobby. For example, shown in the photograph above is myself, with some interesting artwork in the background. We arrived somewhat early, so there wasn't much of a line, and we got pretty good seats. When the lights dimmed and everyone got quiet, I was excited for the play to start, and curious as to whether or not it would be good. I was very impressed by the sound quality, as well as the props in the play. For example, it was really cool when they flipped the beds up and they became desks for the next scene.

A photograph of my playbill, with my view of the stage in the background (photograph by Cullen Smith).


I attended this play with my roommate, Chad Nussbaum. Before we arrived, I read an article about the play, as I was curious as to what it was about, the time that it was set in, etc., and I was excited to find out that it would be set in Quebec, Canada, about 100 years ago. I was glad that I was able to go with a friend, as we were able to talk about how we felt about the play during the intermission and clarify some questions that each of us had. Additionally, my roommate and I will always have the memory of going to the play together, which is a nice shared experience, as we both really enjoyed the play.

A picture of myself with a piece of art right outside the doors to the theater (photograph by Chad Nussbaum).


While there were many issues discussed in the play, I think that the most prominent of them was the battle between the church / conservatism and progressivism that occurred in the late 1800's and early 1900's. We see in the play that Sarah Bernhardt is known for being promiscuous in her shows, and as a result of this, the archbishop of Quebec decides to tell her that she can't perform her show in Quebec. She decides that she wants to do it anyway, starting a feud between herself and the church. I think that this battle is still going on today, as we see the church fighting against progressivism in many areas, such as the legality of abortion and gay rights.

A picture of me outside of the theater, after the play (photograph by Chad Nussbaum).


This play was very thought-provoking, and made me think about a lot of modern social issues and my views on them, as well as the views of those who disagree with me. The play helped me to admit to myself or "come clean" with the fact that there are many social issues that I have strong opinions on, and that can really upset me when I talk about them with others that disagree with me. Since seeing the play, I have decided that I want to try to stop arguing with those that disagree with me, and to simply be accepting of others' beliefs and not let them impede in my personal goal of finding true happiness.


Cullen Smith, Chad Nussbaum

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