The trojan War aNd the odyssey By ryin hernandez

The trojan war background:

The trojan war started because of a conflict between the City of Troy and the Greeks. This war lasted up to ten years because the prince of Troy abducted a woman named Helen the wife of a sparta named Menelaus. After the prince refused to give back Helen, Greece declared war against the city of Troy. The war later ended when the Greeks defeated Troy by making the famous wooden horse most people today have heard of, jumping in and gaining theirselves a ticket into their enemy city.

Wooden Horse the Greeks created

Major players in the war

Menelaus: A Sparta, his wife Helen was taken from him, he was one of the main reasons the war was started because he seemed to get his wife back.

Odysseus: Considered to be the second best Greek hero (after Achilles) in this war/story because he helped the Greeks win the war.

Paris: the Prince of Troy, he was another one of the main reasons this war began.

How is the odyessy related to the war?

This poem is related to the Trojan War, because all of it is based off Greek mythology and what happened in the Trojan war, the author "Homer" also used almost all the characters from the myth.

Who is homer?

Homer was the "poet" of the poem the Odyssey. Most people do not know a lot about his past, but we do know his two most famous poems are the "Oddysey" and "Iliad".

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