Agape 2016 - "Love thy Self"

There is rainfall as I awaken, close to the Agape spiritual center. A warm and cozy night in the back of Grey. When I was a childe, the rain was my best friend, the deva teaching me about this strange human condition, showing me the droplets of our many embodied vantages on the Incarnate plane. I consider it bright portent, a sign of Water, and easement from the Presence in a language that speaks to my soul.

Dawn the Mythmaker

Arriving, I encounter Dawn again, the avatar that graciously purchased me some Starfire Water during my first visit here during the episode "House of Love"

Avatars of Welcome

The atmosphere of Love is so prevalent here, triggering release through my body. Images and thoughts arise regarding beloved Dakota, casting tremors across my Heart. Yet though there are parts of me that still miss her, I refuse to take the emanation of Love she embodied in vain, receiving the Gift of our time together with Grace. Saturate with the vibration of Agape, I resolve to accept God's purposing, finding my way to a soveriegnty of Love unaffected by the shifting tides of my outer World.

The Children's Crusade

What a celebration this place is. The music inspires me so much. Song wishes to pour from me, pushing through the cocoon of the Self. My Heart shakes. I wonder if I have truly come home, to a community which appreciates the Grace that is my Gift to the Worlds. It seems I have arrived for Agape's 30th Anniversary, during the Sunday 'Youth Service', where the younger avatars of the temple are given opportunity to shine their Light to the assembled congregation.

Joy is the Meditation. Bring the Joy

As the youth finishes their presentation, Reverend Beckwith comes on stage. He speaks of feeling the feeling of all my needs being met, and that by feeling that, the Universe will bring double. Actively, I pull on the energies in the tabernacle, moving them through my form. I can feel the heaviness, the sadness. Yet, as I did yesterday in Topanga, I use my Will, to shift those energies, reminding myself of God's everlasting Love. Actively, I invoke gratitude, that I am a spiritual warrior, proving the way back to Heaven on Earth.


As I begin to leave the sanctuary, one of the avatars arrives in bright synchrony. Here I encounter another Dawn, last seen during the "Alchemists Conference" in 2009.

Two Dawns in a row. How auspicious. I remember what I said to a seeker recently regarding the disparity between the Awakening consciousness of the People and the old paradigm, "Everyone is invited to the party. You can't stop the Dawn."

I continue to invoke the tones of excellence and Abundance in the financial and romantic structures of my Life. It is here, then, that I encounter John Halcyon in the bookstore, one of the bright avatars of the Mythica.

While we are there, I share with him the nature of the Quest. How, like Agape, the Mythica is reliant upon the donations of the People. This triggers John to tell me a Story about how he was supported by a good soul on HIS adventure. Upon telling me the Story, Halcyon donates $100 to the Quest! Such is realmsign of manifestation! Proof of the application of Manifestor consciousness.

A feeling of resonance occurs, bringing John and I into confluence with the majestic Mark Duncan. Immediately there is a resonance between us, an Opening of Hearts and shared intention to bring Light to the planet. Though our interaction is brief, it promises of greater things in the future, and we make arrange to meet in the tomorrows.

At last. I am ordained to meet with the Reverend Michael Beckwith. As we stand, the Words come forth. How I am to offer the Mythica and fulfill the vision granted to me by the Divine.

"I am a Messenger", I say, explaining how I received a vision to bring the Mythica to Agape and to Mindvalley, my application of the Life Visioning practices and the intention of the Mythica to reveal the True Nature of Reality. That there is no separation. That there are ways to better our lives. To everything I say, the Reverend nods in affirmation. At the end of the brief meeting, he offers me his direct line, such that I may contact him later in the week. God is Good.

The Reverend is so kind. It is so an honour to meet him. Most of my life has been spent in 'Channel' consciousness, ordained by an intelligence greater than my own horizons such that I may document the synchronicity of our occurrences and PROVE that there is no separation between our Stories and personal myths. Without doubt, it has been the application of the Life Visioning practices, in addition to Ho'oponopono and my own Deva Yoga, that have and continue to clear the imprints within the Self that create the halo of my manifestation. In practice, I find myself consciously applying 'Manifestor' consciousness, to heal patterns within my own Self that are not always aligned with the expansive plentitude of being a constant Channel.

I am grateful for this, for such is the PROOF for the People of the World, that by embodying the remedy, we may offer bright Service to the People and show the road back to Heaven on Earth.

I am graced to receive a video from Kave, one of the youth who presented on the stage. It is a beautiful thing to witness him, eyes upon a blossoming flame, as if gazing to the Light that lies at the center of our innermost Self.

A prime function of the Mythica is to serve as proof. As a testament to God's True Nature. Such is the reason I only witness who arrives on the Path, recognizing the larger Pattern beneath our synchronicity and kismet. As I make my preparations to head onward from Agape, I am led to one of the tables outlining the temple. Here I encounter Brent, who graciously shares his experience of accomplished results using the ho'oponopono technique.

As I move to leave, gratitude pours through me. A sense of being aligned with my larger Life Vision, of serving God in my right manner. The rain begins to pour, like tears of Joy. Soon after, I pull over, listening for where the Presence will send me next. An intuition occurs, to call Durian Songbird, which leads to his loft in a majestic realm called the Toybox ....


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