Titanic By:Sally Quarles

Hi my name is Allison I'm at the dock about to board the Unsinkable Titanic! I'm so excited about my voyage.

" Allison where are you?" , her friend Rosemary said.

"I'm over here Rosemary." , Allison yelled.

" Aren't you just wanting to bite your arm off!" Rosemary said dramatically.

"" Indeed I am." Allison Exclaimed.

(A loud bang)

"What was that noise?" Rosemary said.

"I'm not sure but I know it was loud." Allison said.

Finally the ship glided through the crashing waves to the dock. The line started moving faster and faster, finally we got to the beginning of the line and we handed them our tickets and stepped foot on the mighty Unsinkable Titanic! Right when we stepped on the boat I saw the dining hall.

Dining Hall

But we are First class voyagers so we eat in here. The third class voyagers have their own eating room but theirs is not as fancy as ours. When we boarded the ship the wave splash on me now i'm bloody wet. Also the water was like brass monkeys. Rosemary after we unpack in our rooms lets go down to the dining hall and get a butty. Oh look, that is my room! It is so pretty!

Allison's Bedroom

Oh isn't it just gorgeous Rosemary.

"Yes it is beautiful Allison." Rosemary exclaimed

" Lets go see my room!" Rosemary said excitedly.

Oh my it is gorgeous. Rosemary you have the most beautiful room!

Rosemary's Bedroom

You better get unpacking Rosemary. I will be in my room unpacking and i will meet you in the dining hall for a butty. Also while we are down their we will get a fairy cake.

I'll be in my room unpacking if you need me.

Allison Unpacking her stuff

Oh Dear, I am very cold I need to get my balmiest clothes on. Rosemary come on we need to go eat. Rosemary i will meet you down their because you are taking your bloody time and i want to go get a fairy cake, a butty, and a jacket potato! Rosemary i didn't want to do this but i'm coming...... (a loud scream coming from rosemary) Rosemary are you okay that was a big bump we just hit. Ahhhhhhh Rosemary (a loud splash comes from the window) Allison runs to the window and finds that Rosemary had fallen out the window and she sees Rosemary floating in the water.

The water

Rosemary!!!!!!!! Oh no she wasn't very jammy. As Allison walking back to her room she sees water rushing down the hall. Oh My....... as Allison runs up the stairwell to the deck she sees that we have hit an iceberg and half of the ship broke off.

The Iceberg

The loos are overflowing! This is melancholy, Manky, and Scary. This buffoon just walked past me and pushed me over board. The water was freezing cold and all I see is people scrambling to get some floats. I see people leaving on life boats and every thing is just traumatizing. I quickly try to swim to a lifeboat and I get to it but there is no room!

I quickly tried to regain my strength so I could swim back to another lifeboat. Finally, I got aboard one and they gave me a nice warm blanket. All of the ghastly noises of people drowning were just terrible . For one second it was awfully loud and then it was dreadfully quiet. It got so quiet because all the noises of drowning people were gone and the ship was gone.

The Titanic

You could see the bubbles in the water from people taking blanket baths. Also crisps floating every where from the baking room. It was the end of many peoples lives. I will always have a memri of rosemary.


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