Things About Jurassic Park by Tony Saturno

Jurassic Park is a Science Fiction movie

It was released in the year 1993

It was directed by Steven Spielberg

It is based off a novel of the same name by Michael Crichton.

The movie is about a group of people who get invited by a philanthropist to an island that has a park with genetically cloned dinosaurs.

It's one of the 1st movies to utilize a combination of both animatronics and CG models for the creatures.

It uses a unique combination of different sounds in order to create the roars for the dinosaurs.

It contains a wonderful score by John Williams that can transport audiences to a world of adventure.

Underneath its groundbreaking achievements in CG, sound and music, there's a thought provoking story. Basically, it deals with people who want to create something fantastical, without thinking about the potential consequences, thus creating a conflict between man and nature.

This movie became one of the highest grossing movies of all time, and was beloved by many filmgoers.

The success of this movie led to a franchise that consists of 3 sequels, and one other sequel that will be released in 2018.

My skills are more basic than the technical skills that were used when creating the visual effects for Jurassic Park.

This movie makes me feel excited and tense.

I am inspired by this movie because it spawned my fascination towards fantastical and prehistoric creatures both big and small.

I like the characters, the message, the humor, the sense of wonder, the visual effects, the music, and the sound effects.

I am exhilarated by Jurassic Park.

These details show that I like fantastical things, thrills, and witty humor.

This movie reminds me of my childhood when I watched this movie over and over again.

This movie inspires me to want to draw fantastical and/or prehistoric creatures. It also influences me to want to make good decisions in life.


Created with images by Shaikh Irfan - "Universal: Jurassic Park Ride"

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