#L'art de faire fondre la glace et de réduire la distance !

When icebreaker activities might be a GOOD idea:

Team members are geographically distant

Team members come from different cultural backgrounds

You are combining two or more established teams

Your meeting is a workshop

Team members don't know each other already

#Two Pictures (5 to 10 min)

The objective of this simple activity is to share visual images with your team members. Ask each team member to send 2 pictures only to you. They should send them a few days before the meeting so you have enough time to consolidate it. You will then integrate these pictures in your PowerPoint presentation. At the beginning of the meeting, share them with the team and encourage them to ask questions to learn more about these pictures, their background.

A Truth and A Lie (5 to 10 min)

Have each member introduce themselves by stating their name plus one truth about themselves and one lie. After each person makes their statements, allow for a quick open conversation where everyone questions each other on their two statements. The idea is to convince the other members that your lie is actually a truth, while guessing the truths/lies of the others. This exercise helps to get to know your coworkers better and encourages group interaction and communication.

#Play trivia! (5 to 10 min)

Trivia is a nice way to help people work together as a team as well as get to connect in a non-work manner. You can keep it simple with one round of trivia questions. It can be questions about your country, your city, your culture, etc. It is a good way to learn more about each other country/culture.


#Virtual Office Tour (5 to 10 min)

Giving other team members a tour of the office will give them a visual of where each of them works. Let them know in advance that they will be giving a short virtual tour of their workspace (via their webcam). This will give them time to tidy up their workspace. Using a webcam, have each member of the team show off their workspace. You can ask a team member at the beginning of each meeting. It will be THE EVENT of the meeting 😊

#Little Known Facts About Me (5 to 10 min)

Ask each team member to send 2 or 3 personal facts about them (not be related to their current job (and preferably not known to other members of the team) only to you. They should send this information to you a few days before the meeting so you have enough time to consolidate it. You will then enter those facts in your PowerPoint presentation. On the day of the meeting, ask the team members to guess who that fact belongs to. This is a lot more fun than it actually sounds, because as you go through the facts, the guesses by the team are hilarious. And the facts you find out would reveal quite a bit about each team member’s background.

#Write a Story (10 min)

Get creative and give each person a chance to exercise their writing skills! Type an opening sentence to a new story. Take turns (participants list) to add a single sentence or paragraph to the story, and see where your team takes it. Go around as many times as it takes to complete the story. You are not oblige to take turns. You can let it totally open.

#Virtual Charades (5 to 10 min)

This is a classic party game that can be great for team-building and problem solving. Divide everyone into two teams. Give everyone a chance to act out a word/action/concept for their team to guess. The objective is for the team to guess the word/action/concept in a limited time, asking ye/no questions. In Adobe Connect, you can even distribute the 2 groups in breakout sessions.

#Decorate My Workspace: a challenge (5 min)

This competition is one of the best team building ideas for remote teams. One month before the event, send out an email notice with all the details of the contest. Make sure everyone has advanced notice and plenty of time to decorate. Ask each member to take a photo and integrate them in your PowerPoint to organise a vote at the beginning of one of your meeting (or organize it via Workplace).

3 for the road

# Share a snapshot of your life (2 min)

From the type of shoes you are wearing, to a snapshot of your office, to what is right outside your window, sharing a snapshot, of your life is a fun way to get everyone connected. If an event for the meeting, was created on Workplace, ask the team members to post their snapshot, there (or in your group).

#Share a virtual snack! (5 to 10 min)

Everyone has to eat at some point or another, so why not start your virtual team meetings by sharing a snack or coffee! Or, go all in and have lunch together. Sharing food is a common way to connect with others, and it can be a great conversation starter!

#Create a team map (5 min)

Have team members pinpointing their locations on a map. This can be a fun reminder of where everyone is while meeting in a remote workspace.

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