Conquer the lab a biohazard action game

Two days ago, a biohazard took place in the lab.
The virus spreads.
There is one bottle of counter-poison in the lab.
Zombies are thirsty for blood.

Teams and rules


team Zombie…

… consists of one zombie-lord (the initially infected professor) and a lot of zombies.

Zombies win, when all humans are converted to zombies and the ammo-dealer is the only surviving human.

A zombie can convert a human into a zombie by biting him. A human is bitten, when a „living“ zombie achieves to yell „I am a zombie and you are my victim!“ while touching him. The human has to drop his weapon, go over to the Bio-Lab and rejoin the game 30 seconds later as a zombie.

When the game has begun, zombies are no longer allowed to talk. Humming and rattling is still allowed, but no speaking. Zombies are not allowed to carry any items.

The zombie-lord may enter the zombie-free-zone, but not the human basecamp. The zombie-lord must be tagged three times before he dies.


The human alliance...

…consists of one ammo-dealer and a lot of soldiers.

To win the Game, the dealer and the bottle with counter-poison have to be in the Basecamp at the same time.

A human can „kill“ a zombie temporarily by tagging the Zombie with a nerfgun and yelling: „You are dead“ at him. The tagged zombie has to go back to the lab and rejoins the game 30 seconds later.

The dealer may collect ammo from the ground and supply teammates, that ran out of ammunition. The ammo-dealer is immortal, but not allowed to run at all. The ammo-dealer may not carry a gun or the bottle.

Humans may carry up to six nerf-bullets (those in the loaded gun are INCLUDED in this number). Humans are allowed to reload their weapon with ammo from the ground or they may reload it at their basecamp.

When a human tagged a zombie, he is able to convert him into a human by taking his hand and leading him to the human basecamp. The Zombie may not resist, but has to come with the human. While the human holds the zombie‘s hand, he may not shoot any more. If he for some reason has to let go the zombie‘s hand, the Zombie is lost and has to return to the lab to rejoin the game as a Zombie after 30 seconds.

The Map

Happy Killing!


Created with images by Artondra Hall - "Biohazard" • Beige Alert - "Lab" • MissRagamuffyn - "Zombie" • Hypnotica Studios Infinite - "Dr. Sketchy's Zombie Shoot"

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