Journey Log 2 Ryan Dixon

Ryan Dixon - Malabro

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Journey Log 2



This past week of English 1030 has given me even higher hopes for the course than the week before that. During the first week and a half, I was still caught up in the excitement of how this class is going to be laid out. Throughout last week, I really started to get a grasp of what our actual assignments for the semester would look like. I must say, I am quite excited. This course is not only going to allow me to write and research about things that I am actually interested in, but it is going to let me express myself how I want to. That is something that I have never experienced before in an English class, or any class for that matter.

I completed my first raid last week, and in my opinion, it was a fun one. I was able to talk about a time that I failed and subsequently learned from that failure. Not only this, but the assignment had to be about a time you failed in gaming. I could not have related to this prompt any more than I did. As a lifelong gamer, there have been countless times where I have failed and then learned from my failure. As I mentioned in my raid, failure is a major part of gaming. Failure is how you learn to play a game better. This applies to everything beyond gaming as well, as you must make mistakes and fail to understand how to succeed. In order to complete this assignment, I felt that I had to be flexible. Flexibility was key to this raid, as it was supposed to be completed in a very informal and unconventional manner. In high school English classes, I rarely was able to write narratives, since most of my assignments were just the basic five-paragraph essay on some random research topic. I had to go out of my comfort zone to write this paper, since there was no specific structure we had to follow. In addition, changing the fonts and colors of words to imply emphasis or different tones was a new concept to me. I had to be flexible with how I wrote my paper since it was nothing like the papers I usually have to write for school. I feel that I did a good job adapting to this style of writing, as I struggled to stay within the limit. Usually I have the opposite issue where I am having a hard time to get up to the minimum word count. However, with this assignment, I had to delete around 200 words in order to stay within the maximum word count. The expectations and demands for this assignment were different from what I expected. I had to be flexible to complete the paper while following the guidelines.

This video gives insight on my personal experience and views on change. I have had a rather consistent and enjoyable life, so when something unexpected happens, I usually do not respond well. However, I also understand that having flexibility and facing change head on is necessary for success in current times. I have embraced this so far during my time at Clemson, as I have handled the transition of becoming a college student much better than I expected.


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