CVQO Duke of Westminster Award 2017 Nominations close on Friday 13 January

do you have what it takes?

This cheerful lot in the picture above were our CVQO Duke of Westminster Award finalists in 2016. They were nominated by their cadet units for the Award way back at the end of 2015, ended up on a plane to South Africa in July and had a great big two-week adventure.

The exciting news is the CVQO Duke of Westminster Award 2017 process has begun and nominations are now open!

It's a lengthy, challenging journey, but with such a great prize on offer, why not give it a go?

community work in kosi bay, south africa, july 2016

nominations are now open

If you're an adult instructor, start thinking about who at your cadet unit might fit the bill. If you're a cadet, why not ask to be put forward?

The CVQO Duke of Westminster Award is our annual search for the pick of our CVQO learners from across the UK. If you're either registered for, or have completed, a CVQO-led qualification, and you fit the age criteria, congratulations, you're eligible to be nominated by your Commanding Officer!

IMPORTANT - we're not after the best of the best of the best; we're looking for selfless, determined individuals who always keep their heads up and remain positive through adversity; those who have overcome a personal challenge or gone the distance to help someone.

Nominees must be over 16 on 1 September 2016 and under 19 on 1 September 2017.

That's it. So, to recap:

  • CVQO-led qualification
  • Be the right age
  • Done
Mountain-climbing and history-absorbing CVQO Duke of Westminster 2016 gang

What's it all about then?

Here's what happens and when:

  • Monday 21 November 2016 - Friday 13 January 2017 - nominations open
  • Mid-January 2017 - nominations sorted and marked by CVQO, successful nominees notified
  • End-January 2017 - stage 2 challenge set
  • Early February 2017 - stage 2 submissions received and marked by CVQO
  • Mid-February 2017 - successful nominees notified
  • April 2017 -(Monday 10 - Thursday 13) - selection event at Outposts in Somerset
  • End April 2017- South Africa finalists notified
  • Thursday 29 June 2017 - House of Lords lunch for finalists
  • Tuesday 11 - Monday 24 July 2017 - South Africa trip!
Somerset Selection event, april 2016

Sounds great, how does the nomination process work?

Duke of Westminster nominees must be nominated by their Commanding Officers or Vocational Qualifications Officers.

There can be one nomination per squadron, company, unit, contingent or other CVQO-affiliated youth organisation (e.g. St John Ambulance Cadets, Fire Cadets, Volunteer Police Cadets).

Here's what happened at Selection in Somerset this year. This video was shown at the House of Lords lunch in June 2016.

MORE info, please

If you still need more info, contact one of the CVQO Events team for a chat:


01276 601 701 - ask for Simon Reeves or Cathie Sluman and pester them.

Search for CVQO on Facebook or Twitter


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