Should our school use solar electriicty By: Henry cunney

I think our school should use solar panels because it cost less and is better for the environment. The solar panels are better for the environment because the solar panels do not pollute the areas and solar panels can help stop global warming. solar energy is a better replacement than the fossil-fuel-burning- power plants.

Since the cost of electricity is so much and concerns about our carbon footprint solar can help the environment become more healthy. Also the price of fossil fuels are way higher then the price of solar panels. Solar energy is an easier way and cheaper way to make electricity because the way that fossil fuels get energy is from coal, natural gas and petroleum. But theses materials need to be mined and that can be expensive and dangerous. Also, solar energy will last longer then the materials to make fossil fuels because the sun will be alive for longer then coal petroleum and natural gas.

This is a picture of how much smoke we let in the air when we need electricity. This smoke cause global warming and if our schools get solar energy it can help with global warming little. It is shown that more then half of the country uses these power plants to get energy for there needs, so if we use solar energy we can help spread awareness and can help save our planet.

Another reason our school should get solar energy is that it can help our school later on because it doesn't cost to use these panels the only cost is to buy it and a small payment while having it. Porterville United School District in california put solar panels in six different schools and is expected to reduce energy cost by $44 million in the next 25 years, this is what our school should be doing and we should do these to our other schools.

The solar energy might not only save us lots of money but it can give our school a visual and better understanding of what solar energy is or what the sun heat can do for us. This would be good for kids that want to learn more about engineers or want to be an engineer when they grow up. The solar panels can also show the students that going green can save money and help the environment big time.

During my research i found a few schools that have solar panels for solar energy. One of the schools I found (john jay) have saved so much money that every kid in their school can get an ipad and they got a new stadium. This school has 216 solar panels and it only cost $7,498 per year. This is a fair amount for that many solar panels.

These are reasons for why i think our school should go green and get solar panels to have solar electricity.


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