Scientific Research Andrew Arnold, Class 3, due date: May 18th Genus: Chelonia

The 8 Characteristics of Life

Current Scientist in the Field

- Dr. Kimberly Stewart is known as the "Sea Turtle Lady." She worked primarily with the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle. A lot of her work had to do with the Loggerhead's hatchlings and nests. She documented the process for information to help the turtles.


Researchers at NOAA Fisheries are tracking Leatherback Turtles' nests. Their finds are disturbingly bad. In almost every country where Leatherbacks nest there is a decline in the number of nests. Many are being killed by accidentally being caught by fishing nets. However, many efforts are being made by fisheries such as NOAA to make new equipment to leave the endangered turtles alone.

Help Wanted!


-Be able to use the senses such as smell and auditory

-Must be able to react to threats or opportunities

Help Wanted!

To Reproduce Sea Turtles must:

-Produce sperm or lay eggs

-Dig hole for egg nest for eggs

-Find a sexual partner

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Andrew Arnold

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