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Social Media Optimized Solution
Fast Track To An Online Pressence
Stream-Lined Connections
We Are a Complete Social Media Optimization Service
Interactive Systems
Let us introduce you to your audience
With A Strategic Digital Branding, Deployment & Management System
Filling in the missing spaces
With responsive connectivity
Using all means to distribute them
Mobile Marketing
Is not an option anymore
This Is a reality
Global Reach is In the palm of your hands
Guaranteed Online Visibility & Growth

With over twenty years experience in online Communicative , Marketing , Promotions & Project management.

We developed a System that is StreamLined across all platforms needed to drive traffic , interactively & effectively manage its functions.

With endless campaigning options catered to your industry or project.

Don't be left behind

Let's face it, You can't just disregard Social Media Marketing Anymore. The world has completely gone mobile.

1.65 billion active Mobile social accounts globally.
1.5 million accounts set up daily.
Two of every ten people online make their purchases on Social Media.
What is Your maXimum reach ?

Let's not forget that your competition is on There Creating an audience. Two Thirds of social media users look up a business's online presence, before deciding to use the service or buy the product.

Advertise on display networks

Online marketing is cost efficient, targeted, Delivered Specifically to your audience. Through all forms of Visability. This is the best way to drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness and a great customer experience. Without an optimized setup, Online ads are less likely to convert

Automate Personalized interactions
Did I mention, that a great Setup also helps your search rank?

It's True, the more connected the less expensive ads are. The overall bidding results are based on Connectivity and relevance

We bring longevity of value by making your visibility, our main FOCUS.
Well isn't enough

The top 5 reasons why you don't have a proper social Media setup.

Is this you?
No Time to worry about Social Media
Social Media is my Frustration
Social media frustrates me!
So much to do!
I'm just Too Busy
Its all so confusing
I just don't get it
I Can't keep up with it
You might need help
You just don't know how to find it or that you need it.
Get in touch
We love giving people the presence online they need

This is why We built this Service. To empower you and deliver the most detailed & effective Social Media Presence you could have ever imagined. Whether you're starting from scratch, A moderate user, or an expert who needs to delegate this role.

Our Complete Setup can be maintained by anyone
What makes us so different & Unique to other Social media Managers & agencies ?
We give more THAN ANY Agency's setup

The common agency or freelancer plans & prices their services based on the big social networks then add on a few campaigns, prices are fully premium high end. Then upcharge you constantly for added Optimization

No other service compares

Our Service is Valued just the same & just as high end quality. Except, It is ten times more Thorough and focused on every aspect of your online growth the first time. We don't deny any aspect of a network. Once you are Setup, We can continue to create endless campaigns, Complete management, or give you the keys and train you or team. We created a system that funnels & channels multi-media content, personalized by your brand , audience , isnterests , & Industry’s standards. We make sure that all your profiles are consistent, with links that are Rich And interactive, all reflecting your Website's mission and driving traffic back to you.

All set up for the mobile lifestyle

Most importantly, we set up over 250 platforms of content , contact, social & utility networks that would make any competitor of mine, and yours very unhappy.

I don't find value in creating upcharges by giving you a not complete set up, that would mean our set up is not FULLY CAPABLE.
Why leave gaps?


How can anything be managed without a professional foundation ?

The only thing you Return To us for, is management, Training, New campaigns, and or new projects.

We're always researching

Our Mission is to Make you a leader in your industry, By reaching Your audience, monitoring your competitors, creating a convenient, and undeniable presence online. While being completely responsive, socially interactive & maintaining personal & Business relationships. While you focus on your work, it all happens for you automated & managed by us, or you. The decision is yours.

People ask us

Who is this system for?

Anyone, really
Any industry .
Any ONE!
Your audience no matter what kind is OUT-THERE waiting for you
Any scale
Size matters and we know how to grow your brands reach and visibility
Any organization
The goal is always to grow
Artists / Performing Artists
Music industry
Event planners
Service providers
Crowd Funding

Whatever the case ,

They all need social media
We gUarantee your growth
It all starts with a Free consultation. All you have to do, is drop us a line with a fast inquiry, & we take it from there.
Let's optimize your life
Our menu
iStreamline-promedia SERVICES
Free consultation
Digital branding Strategy
Initial campaigns
Content Management
Contact management
The Setup ( major networks )
The setup ( All other Networks)
Campaign options
Unique features
to be great is not hard: To BE THE BEST is simple, only & when you are setup to be, will you truly be seen for your greatness?
You have to reach

Yes, social media is complicated and time consuming. It can make you feel overwhelmed and that's why we spent years in developing a place that brings peace of mind, Control and confidence back to You.

Lets connect

iStreamLine-ProMedia for you. Roly Daniel- Media Director.

We're just a message away
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Roly Daniel


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