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Philosophy of Coaching

My philosophy is based on the belief that a coach of basketball is potentially blessed with a fine young women to work with. It is the very nature of the game of basketball that it requires the talents of the superior athlete; it is fun, exciting and rewarding game to play; and young women who have a talent for basketball usually possess other desirable qualities (exhibited in their classroom endeavors and behavior in general). A good program will program will foster and promote such athletes to enter, succeed and continue to influence future basketball players in the area.

Most basketball theorists are similar in approach but the real test lies in the application of your principles. As a coach this translates to mean responsibility to and for your players. The coach’s example will definitely have some influence on their lives, perhaps more in later years. For this reason alone the program must exemplify itself. With this attitude as a foundation the coach must develop throughout her program courage, team spirit, the desire to learn and improve, and willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the team.

There are two facets vital for a winning tradition, the desire to excel and the mastery of basketball fundamentals. The actual coaching of the players must always be directed toward having the winning tradition. Underlying this is the single most important aspect of coaching basketball, realizing and imparting to the players that it is a TEAM game. This attitude should be reflected in the team’s offenses and defenses and especially in the approach of the coach toward each and every individual player. No one situation is more important than the team. The players, individually and collectively, must give of themselves freely and willingly the industry asked by the coach. The coach who is respectful, honest and knowledgeable will receive the great team effort necessary to excel.

The players have the right to expect their coach to possess expertise in all phases of the game and make her decisions with the team’s and players’ best interests at heart. To coach and be responsible for a high school basketball program challenges one in all areas of one’s personality and character. To be equal to the challenge one must do less than display great strength, patience, self-control and understanding in every situation. This in turn demands that coaching basketball, working with people, especially the young, and love of life in general be an integral part of the coach’s lifestyle. Family, religion and vocation present a triangle of obligations which command and reinforce values needed to meet that challenge successfully.

The coach must also sacrifice. The immense amount of time necessary to develop, continue and keep a good basketball program successful is a fact of life. Coaches and players must know that there are no shortcuts to success. Only hard work and complete dedication will result in excellence. At times, also, the coach must be willing to sacrifice the immediate for the good of the future and the overall good of the program and players.

It is very important to remember that the basketball program’s goals can only be reached within the framework of the total school program. Athletics, in order to be a positive force, must add to a girl’s life and not detract from it. With this philosophy at its cornerstone, I propose a program that will constantly reinforce and focus on the positive aspects- character, teamwork, fair play, humility, success, failure, self-control, understanding and patience- of life and culminate in a positive influence on the players, school, parents and community.


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