EC/MPN Quick Facts

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Student’s that have a RLADLOR application showing a Loan Status of WT01 are missing their Electronic Master Promissory Note.

Sample WT01 Loan Status on RLADLOR. Only exported records should show WT01.

Although the WT01 directly relates to the MPN, the MPN and Entrance Counseling (EC) are reviewed together as the student cannot receive aid without these requirements. Once the student has submitted these documents, allow for the standard timeframe of 24 to 48 business hours for the EC and MPN to link.

Note: Although we quote a timeframe of up to 48 business hours for the EC and MPN records to pull from banner to COD, we cannot manually retrieve individual records from COD to banner.

COD will show records of the student’s EC and MPN if they have been completed. The student must have completed the correct EC per loan types (SUB/UNSUB, STAFFORD, PLUS) and have an active MPN record before COD will attempt to link with banner. This is done through an auto-process that is set to run nightly, barring technical issues.

Linking EC’s: If the EC has been on COD for over 48 hours, REAUCOD and RPILECS (processing screen only) can be reviewed to determine if we have received the record from COD. We can only link the EC if it is showing in banner.

MPN’s: The MPN record will only link to the student’s account once the RLADLOR application has exported. Occasionally there will be a timing issue between the date the MPN was completed and the RLADLOR application exported. In these cases, it is best to allow the auto-process to run and link the MPN systematically.

Note: If the MPN is linked on the RLADLOR application (indicated clearly on the PN Summary tab) but the RLADLOR application is WT01, this will need to be corrected by a processor. These can be sent via SharePoint.

*It is also important to check that the student completed the correct MPN for their loan type. Completing the incorrect MPN can prevent it from linking to the RLADLOR.

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