The Divine By Christian Rodriguez

The Spatial Experience: The Constans Theater was completely overwhelming. At first you are in the comfort and informality of the Ritz Union and than just like that you are in an elegant theater with art and literature at every turn and posh people by the 100's. I sat dead center, both in relation to the stage and the sides. My seat gave me the perfect view of the stage and the in crowd performance.
The Social Experience: I attended the play alone but ran into several people I know during the intermission and while leaving the theater. When I found my seat I was surrounded by strangers but we could all share in the gasps and laughs inspired by the play and the actors. After the play me and people I know who also watched the play reminisced on the storyline and our favorite parts.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: Walking into the performance I knew very little about the priesthood and London in that time period. The play showed me the concepts of revenge and betrayals of the cloth. It showed me the trust people have in men of god, teachers, doctors etc... and how easy it is for people to let them take advantage of that trust is baffling.
The Emotional Experience: The murder characters and molestation of the young Catholic boys was naturally emotionally strenuous for me and I am sure it was for everyone else in the audience. The drama of the posh actress and the deaths where very shocking and uncomfortable for me to watch.
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Christian Rodriguez


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