1st Semester Portfolio Christopher patron

This is my portfolio for the first semester of my Digital Imaging class.

This piece was inspired by my love for the guitar and rock music. Also, Slash is an idol of mine and inspired me to begin playing the guitar.
I believe that everyone has a good side and a bad side. This philosophy of mine inspired me to dedicate my surrealism project to this philosophy of mine. I feel that this is my best work.
This picture was created by taking a normal house and skewing it to make it look like a haunted house. After that, I used the blur tool to make rain and the liquify tool to make the clouds. I then added some of my own characters that I feel represent the holiday of halloween.
I love "The Office." So when I was given the opportunity to put the photoshopped crab in any picture I wanted I took that opportunity and incorporated it with my favorite character which is Dwight.
This picture was done with using gradients. When I was finished, we were required to add a picture to it and so I felt that Slash playing the guitar would best fit the picture.
This picture was done with very tedious painting and paint bucketing. After my surrealism project, I feel that this is my second best work.
Tom Brady was suspended on allegations that he played in the AFC championship game using deflated balls. He was then suspended for the first for games of the 2016 season. I am a patriots fan and made this picture to celebrate his return from his suspension.
This picture was the first project that were given in my class. It was a difficult task but feel I completed it to the best of my ability.
In this project. We were told to stretch the Weiner dog out and then add our creative touch to it. I decided that a bull rider holding a pokeball would illustrate my creative side to the picture.
This painting was inspired by my love of dogs. We were instructed to pick a picture and turn it into a painting and I feel that the dog would be the best option to make it look good.
This project was done in adobe illustrator. We had to trace the picture and fill it in with the correct colors. This project was difficult for me but I had fun doing it.
This painting was also done in adobe illustrator. This project was tough to trace because it has many curves but I am happy with the final result.


Created with images by Sean MacEntee - "fin"My portfolio for an introductory class for Digital Imaging

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