Super fudge made by Steven hernandez

characters: peter, fudge, mom and dad, tootsie, turtle/ a dog, uncle feather/ lousy bird that talks way to much and hates peter.

peter lives in a apartment in N.Y.C and a new child is about to come in the family tree.
worse is that peter and his family are going to a new town
and that name is PRINCETON where there moving

Summery: Peter is a boy with a family that could make up a family of eleven kids. And with fudge in hand its horrible to live in there. But when its a twelve year old with a baby, father, mother, three year old brother, and two pets, a dog and a new bird called uncle feather. You gonna need some tough skin. And moving to a new place that you never wanted to move to can be pretty hard. Plus with your family, it can be twice as hard.

Setting: The setting for the story is new york, Princeton, school, and in a neighborhood.

genre: this story is for people who love crazy family's, insane drama, and pets that can TALK!!

credits:author of book:Judy Blume, Creator of presentation: Steven Hernandez. Special thanks: Spark adobe, Mrs. Batista.

Thank you!!! :) :)


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